Thursday, March 30, 2023
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Gusto Lemiert Sets The Tone With New Song “Trap Back”

Gusto Lemiert is just getting started — he’s fresh off the release of his latest single “Trap Back” and is not playing any games as he aspires to be the next big thing in LA’s rap industry. Gusto has been silent, but with his next project Evolution of the Trap set to arrive later this year, he’s poised to make a splash. The South Central rising star graces the scene with his latest single and visual, “Trap Back,” which is out now.

Check it out below.

In the music video, Gusto is seen in multiple scenes with the homies, at the trap house, outside in the snow, in the whip, on a bridge, and more. The editing of the visual is distinct and definitely portrays Gusto’s character throughout the song. Gusto has been on the rise and is poised to join LA’s new wave of rappers shaping the sound of the future. His song has gotten a lot of attention so far and praise from his peers. He’s truly just getting started in showing the world what he’s capable of. He’s eager to carve his own path after being inspired by local artists before him.

“Just really seeing people like Nipsey [Hussle] and Casey Veggies and other LA artists become successful,” Gusto said in a recent interview. “I knew it was life changing if something was to blow.”

Because the rapper is from Ohio, his recent release shows elements from neighboring Detroit’s fresh sound and flow structures. His trademark ad-libs and lively, paraphernalia-filled phrases work nicely with the instrumental’s tremendous pace. Exactly the kind of synergy Gusto says he strives for while composing music. He also is inspired by many West Coast acts, which influence his music and the upbeat sound that we hear from him and his music.

“My sound is a turnt up, therapeutic type vibe,” he says. “I’ma always come off on some smooth shit, but what I’m talking about is [some] sick individual shit.”

Be sure to stream “Trap Back” below and keep up with Gusto Leimert as he has some heat on the way. As far as the message he wants people to take away from his music, Gusto Leimert says he hopes people feel inspired “to never give up hope,” and to know that “hard work out-does talent every time.”

“Keep pushing through whatever you going through, and take care of your folks,” Gusto says.


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