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[New Music] Kayebands – “Benz Truck” featuring Avenue Swift

Rapper Kayebands just dropped off his latest track “Benz Truck” featuring Avenue Swift. Inspired by a fast money lifestyle and G63’s, this song is the perfect kick-off for 2022 as Kayebands gets ready for his upcoming 12-track project dropping later this year. The rising talent plans to keep the momentum rolling with “Benz Truck”, using it as a song to inspire those who listen. In the visual for the track, dir. by Digital Avnue, Kayebands and Avenue Swift are seen in a mansion, of course with a Benz truck in the visual, and having a good time and vibing.

“This song is all about staying on your hustle and creating your own path,” explained Kayebands. “I’m the type to wake up, go and take that” referring to taking all the precautions to achieve what it is you set out to get.” 

Kayebands is an artist with a remarkable sound as he utilizes impeccable storytelling and raw energy within each song he creates. His past history of engineering records for upcoming artists gave Kayebands the advantage of placing positive energy into the overall production of his music by distributing high frequencies throughout each project.

“I am passionate about my music simply because I understand the impact music has on everyone and everything,” he says. “Not only does music help individuals, but it heals and gives a source of comfort. What inspires the passion I have for my creation of music, is the feedback I receive from my fans. The relationships I create with all of them globally is what keeps me going.”

With inspiration from the likes of J Dilla, Mf Doom, D-Savage, Dom Kennedy, Nipsey Hustle, Lucki, and RBL Posse, there is no question that Kayebands is learning from his idols and creating his own lane into the rap game.

“Being raised in the Bay Area surrounded by the ‘jerk movement’ and ‘hyphy scene’ I realized I had a place in this industry. This surrounding is what ultimately inspired me as an artist to dedicate myself into a music career and create a different sound and lane.”

Fans are anticipating an amazing year for Kayebands. As he possesses the creative talent paired with a steady team to support him along the way, there is no doubt that his perseverance and consistency will take him far in music.

“My highlights as an artist is creating a dedicated team that believes in my craft and pushes me to be creative. Having a dedicated group of individuals that can backup my work and push it is a blessing,” Kayebands expressed.  

The visual for “Benz Truck” showcases Kayebands skills and keeps audiences on their toes for what’s coming next.

“The most important message I want my fans to take from this song is to believe in yourself! Do not believe in everything you hear and do your own due diligence on the information you are being fed. If you apply effort and consistency into your craft it will reward you.”

Make sure to check out the visual below.


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