Monday, February 6, 2023
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Dough The Freshkid is back with new album, ‘Keys’ — Keep Evolving Yourself

Today, the quickly evolving entertainment industry gives rise to artists who must release multiple projects in short spans, to stay relevant. For rap star Dough The Freshkid, though, the opposite rings true. It’s been more than a year since the release of Dough The Freshkid’s third album, Tals Cafe, and today, the acclaimed rapper is back with his latest release, a project titled Keys: Keep Evolving Yourself

For fans of the west coast rapper, the release of Keys has been well worth the year-long wait, and it’s a move that Dough The Freshkid admits was deliberate. “It was time for me to release another album,” the rapper shared. “My last project dropped a year ago, and I never want to keep my fans waiting for too long, but I don’t want to flood them either. I have to give them enough time to miss me,” he added. 

The project, which features 14 tracks and highlights an eclectic roster of featured artists (like Cuzzy Capone, Tayf3rd, and Snubbalito), plays like an audio memoir, underscoring Dough The Freshkid’s musical journey, life in the streets, and most apparently, his growth mentality. 

“As an independent artist, I’m trying to show growth through my business moves, attitude, and music. The whole goal is to continue to grow and become better than you were yesterday,” Dough shared. 

For Hip-Hop fans looking to hear a mix of classic beat loops, high-quality bars, and an inside look into the life of a hustler, Keys: Keep Evolving Yourself presents as the perfect rap playlist and perhaps, a soon-to-be visual album. This album showcases Dough the Freshkid’s skills in a way that audiences are familiar with but not surprised by — since they’ve come to expect greatness from him every time.

“We really took our time with Keys, so we don’t want to end it here with just music. Hopefully, later in the year, I can debut a seven-part video movie series of Keys to the world. We’ve already started production.” 

The new project is definitely something to be proud of and Dough the Freshkid is coming with the heat all year. Make sure to stay locked in with him, as he has more music on the way and audiences can eagerly anticipate what’s next.

Though there’s no official release date for the visual album, fans can now stream Keys: Keep Evolving Yourself on all streaming platforms. Check out the entire album, and follow all updates from Dough The Freshkid down below! 





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