Thursday, December 7, 2023
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Diesel Savant speaks royalty through his music.

Diesel Savant is an artist with a sound that is both clever and precise. Using his love for old school sounds with west coast flare, his music takes you on a never ending trip. In addition to his hypnotic melodies, his songwriting abilities put him in another bracket. An artist for the new age, Diesel’s music hits the mind and soul of anyone who listens.

Although Diesel draws inspiration from artist like 2Pac who embody the sound of the west coast, he’s a native of Chicago and always lets it be known. Representing Chicago’s Southside, Diesel has always felt that music would become a big part of his life. Since 2013 he’s released singles and remixes giving a taste of his talent. Diesel’s first single Saved by the Crown released in 2015, setting a bar for artist to find deeper meaning within their sound. His inspiration for music comes from everywhere, including his personal experiences. His willingness to be vulnerable and uncensored makes for a sound that is provoking and enticing. After taking time to expand and evolve his sound, he released new music in 2021 reintroducing himself as an artist.

Diesel has also gained recognition within the music world endorsed by rap artist DJ Qball of crucial conflict. That acknowledgment led to a collaboration with OG Rello on the single His Sh*t, My Sh*t. Continuing to make his name known, he’s graced the stage at multiple venues throughout Chicagoland. Recently he performed in a competition winning a slot on an upcoming 10-city tour!! Diesel will be joining the Pure VNM Tour and rocking the mic in Dubuque, IA on September 7th, in his first out of state tour.

Diesel is more than music

Although still independent, Diesel has his own brand Crown Culture that he plans to create a label from. The brand sends a message of unity and greatness with merchandise promoting a higher purpose. There are also shirts with legendary music icons like Nipsey Hussle, Eazy-E and Lisa Left Eye. Expanding his brand to be more than music, Crown Culture is a combination of soulful motivations and dedications to music’s most prominent influencers. Currently, men and women’s merchandise is available with more additions to the collection set to come soon.

In addition to the tour he has new projects releasing the rest of year. His new single Let it Breathe releases on all platforms Friday 8/5, the first single from his forthcoming album 97 Savant. With new music on the way, more merchandise dropping and fire visuals coming, Diesel Savant is absolutely a creator to watch out for in 2022.

Listen to Diesel Savant on all streaming services, @Diesel Savant



  1. I love his music and he is so adorable. A very humble guy once you get to meet him. Surely Chicago’s next best artist

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