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Elodie Alcindor’s Success with “Why Good Men Cheat”

I had the opportunity July 29th to attend opening night of Why Good Men Cheat a stage play written and directed by Elodie Alcindor. As a guy not knowing anything about the play I assumed like most plays I have been to before this was going to be a play about empowering women, or women escaping their situations with unfaithful men.

Photo Credit: Barion McQueen (@barionmcqueen)

Why Good Men Cheat is a play about infidelity and the reasons attached to it. While infidelity is a huge part of a woman’s life, this play reveals some answers as to the cause of it. The play explores the minds as well as the hearts of men who are in love and it goes a step further to identify the reasons for these men cheating on women that they are in love with. It talks about a rarely spoken issue — the
vulnerabilities of men and their needs in a love companionship.

Photo Credit: Barion McQueen (@barionmcqueen)

This play I would say is more for men then actually for women. As a man showing emotion is a sign of weakness, that is what we’ve always been taught or thought. Since childhood, many men are taught vulnerability equals weakness and therefore men are not supposed to be vulnerable. It can also be difficult to be vulnerable as there might be a fear of feeling embarrassed or being hurt by someone’s response. Vulnerability is actually a strength and as men we must embrace this super power.

Throughout this play I can see myself in every role played by the men of the play. At one point or another I have been everyone of those characters at one point of my life. The guy who loved a friend who never really would commit to taking it past a friendship, the guy who was in an emotional and verbally abusive relationship with someone who made him worse, who sought attention from other women who actually listened, to being married to someone overworked, who at times would make you feel like they didn’t have time for you because they were focused on their career. So as a man, this play really hit home. I would highly recommend any guy to take the opportunity to view this play not only for the entertainment aspect but maybe to shine light on personal things that they’ve dealt with to realize they are not alone.

Photo Credit: Barion McQueen (@barionmcqueen)

This play has everything it needs to be turned into either a film or definitely a series. Elodie Alcindor’s approach to a play shedding light on the emotional journey many men face is a breath of fresh air. As a man the pressures that we deal with on the daily can break any person down. Not saying that women do not face these same pressures, but lets face it, there are 1000s of stories told from the women’s perspective, but this ones for us. We will keep an eye on this play and wish nothing but the best for Elodie Alcindor and Bleu Royalty Productions.

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