Monday, February 6, 2023
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Introducing Up And Coming Artist June Poole

Now living in Los Angeles to heavily focus on his career, independent artist June Poole is excited for what 2022 holds for him after spending the last year perfecting his craft by taking lessons and putting his all into his music. He recently dropped his latest single ‘Red Flags’ and the music video for it is on the way! 

June has always been interested in music his whole life, he described it as an escape in life for himself. He’s been playing around with music for a few years but it wasn’t until the pandemic hit back in March 2020, when he decided that life is short, so why not spend it doing and going after something you love. Which is making music and making an impact with it on his fans and audience. Since then he’s been working on his craft full time between taking all of those classes and making over 20 songs in the last year, it’s safe to say that 2022 will be a great year for him as an artist because of his determination. 

When asked about his inspiration for his music and sound he mentioned that he looks up to Drake, Chris Brown and Partynextdoor. He said he’s also been compared to Chris Brown before, as well as Jeremiah. He talked about his ability to change his sound by going back and forth from rapping and singing which sets him apart from most artists. He also mentioned that he’s doing this out of passion and for his family since they are his main support system and wants to give them a better life. 

He considers himself a R&B/Pop artist so it’s really important to him that his music is something people want to dance to and vibe with! Essentially ‘feel good’ music. In the meantime June is working on perfecting his craft, building connections and relationships and planning big moves in 2022. Stay up to date on and lookout for his music video that’s on its way by following his social media linked below!

 Make sure you connect with him on social media @junepooole


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