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PVNTHER: Blvck Corey’s Latest EP Delivers a Dynamic Showcase of His Unique Sound

Putting on for Ohio is rising rhymer, Blvck Corey with the raved release of his latest EP, PVNTHER. The enthralling EP features 5 trendy tracks without any features, allowing Corey to exhibit his impressive range behind the mic. The hot new release, follows up his 2019 debut album, Colorful Language. In doing so, Blvck Corey shines bright throughout the entire EP, giving fans a glimpse into his exceptional talent. Some of the standout singles from the EP include “Fall” and “I Wonder,” which showcase Corey’s lyrical prowess and his ability to craft a distinct sound.

Since the tender age of eight, Blvck Corey has been passionate about music so he began rapping and making his own music. By the time he turned fifteen, he had released his first mixtape. Pursuing his passion for music professionally, continues to propel him forward. Over the years, he has grown his fan base through an active social media presence. As a result, by the age of eighteen, he was already performing on tour with a local group.

Blvck Corey is back!

“This project is very different from my debut. I wanted to show my teeth [this time], show my growth as an artist… my elevation in life in general.” The ups.. the downs… it’s all apart of the journey. It’s also a taste of what my fans can expect [from me] going forward!”

Remaining a force to be reckoned with, Blvck Corey has quickly made a name for himself in the hip-hop scene, and PVNTHER is a testament to his undeniable talent. He brings together intense and fiery themes centered on strength, passion, remorse, and lust. These elements come together to create a unique sound that is guided by the foundations of his upbringing. Blvck Corey’s PVNTHER is packed with trailblazing tracks that showcase his range and versatility as an artist. On tracks like “Fall,” he spits hard-hitting lyrics that are both introspective and honest. Meanwhile, on “I Wonder,” he showcases a more melodic sound that blends perfectly with his message. PVNTHER is a project that displays Blvck Corey’s ability to merge gritty, rough-edged beats with thought-provoking lyrics.

One thing that stands out about the PVNTHER EP is the lack of features. This is a bold move for any artist, but it’s a testament to Blvck Corey’s confidence in his own abilities. The EP is a pure representation of his talent and serves as a showcase of what he’s capable of as an artist. Don’t believe it? Press play here on his latest offering, PVNTHER. Lastly, let us know your thoughts in the comments!




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