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DJ Finesse: “The Crowd Favorite” – A Legendary DJ’s Journey

DJ Finesse, also known as “The Crowd Favorite,” has been a fixture in the entertainment industry for over three decades. With an impressive career as a former DJ for Bad Boy Entertainment/Records, Finesse has established himself as one of the industry’s most diligent and dedicated DJs. He is renowned for his remarkable talent, captivating personality, and exceptional collaboration skills.

Finesse’s ability to seamlessly connect with individuals and brands has solidified his reputation and ensured his longevity in the industry. He has had the privilege of collaborating with an impressive roster of A-list celebrities throughout his career. His remarkable talent and reputation have attracted the likes of industry giants such as P Diddy, Jamie Foxx, 50 Cent, Kat Williams, Ice-T, Nelly, Cisco, Magic Johnson, Ludacris, A Boogie, Nick Cannon, and numerous others. Finesse’s ability to work alongside these esteemed individuals speaks volumes about his skill and professionalism in the industry.

Finesse began his journey as a DJ when he was just 13 years old. He saw his first DJ, DJ Buck, and was amazed. This chance meeting started him on his path to becoming DJ Finesse. He was dabbling in Hip-Hop, but being from Rhode Island at that time, they had very few references. In 1987-88, he was a freshman at the University of Rhode Island, where he met Masta Ace (from the Juice Crew) who was a senior. They became cool, and after he graduated, Ace went back home to NYC to work on his first album. Finesse made it a point to go to New York as often as he could, and he got to see Hip-Hop in its birth element. He realized how privileged he was to see and hear what he was seeing and hearing during that time period. He considers Ace to be much more than a friend. He was a Hip-Hop mentor. Finesse can’t put a price tag on the Hip-Hop education he was receiving. It opened his eyes to the possibilities, and he was ALL IN! He truly believes he would not be where he’s at in his career if not for Masta Ace.

Finesse’s affiliation with Bad Boy Entertainment came four years after he shot two shows on BET that garnered him national recognition. EVERY record label started sending him vinyl and CDs! Working as a DJ for Bad Boy Entertainment afforded him national and global opportunities. He soon realized that Bad Boy was much more than a record label; it was a global brand, and that affiliation catapulted his career.

Finesse has had the privilege of working with icons such as Ice T, Nelly, and 50 Cent. Working with icons gives him a huge sense of accomplishment. He realizes that no matter where he’s from, real respect is real. With 50 Cent, he was invited to his Mansion in Connecticut twice. The first time was a DJ appreciation party/ Mobb Deep album listening party and video shoot. The second time was a BET Pool Party. Finesse remembers all of them in attendance being chauffeured to and from his mansion on wrapped G Unit tour buses. This dude is a marketing genius! The party was dope with all of G Unit present. D-Nice was on the 1’s and 2’s, and Young Buck was on the grill! Just like with Bad Boy, when he’s around people of this stature, it’s not so much awe as it is motivation.

Finesse’s experience working with icons like Ice T, Nelly, and 50 Cent has taught him the importance of having a good working relationship with the artists he collaborates with. Working relationships are such an underappreciated value. He would not be where he’s at in his career if not for the relationships he’s been able to maintain and cultivate. In his opinion, working relationships only happen when each person continues to bring ideas and opportunities to the table the other sees value. That value if nurtured properly has the potential of expanding each person’s business and brand.

Finesse was inspired to write “From Personal to Purpose” in 2015. As a college graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice, he had never been exposed to Personal Development. The information he was reading in these books was profound and life-changing. He learned that if one person tells you something, you can dismiss it. If two people say the same thing, you can call it a coincidence. 3,4,5 people all saying the same thing, you might want to pay attention. Over the course of his career, many conversations ended with people telling him he needed to write a book. Humbly, those suggestions didn’t resonate because he didn’t feel he had a story relatable enough that would be worth telling. He believes it’s easier to receive a message from someone who has done the very thing others are telling you to do. His friend Jonathan Rosales self-published his book in 2017. After attending his book release party, he pulled Finesse aside and suggested to him that he needed to write his book. His message struck a chord, and the irony was later that year, Finesse was diagnosed with cancer. This diagnosis was the catalyst that made him finally write “From Personal to Purpose.”

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