Sunday, December 10, 2023
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Mr.Richbound reflects on his freedom and peace in new single “Ride Slow”

The sound and feel of gangster rap is evolving into a creative form of reflection and therapy. Using life lessons as inspiration, a stronger sense of wisdom is heard throughout today’s rap genre. Not only reflecting on bad decisions in the past but accepting and embracing their present self, produces timeless music. One artist unafraid of sharing his story with fans is Mr.Richbound. The Chicago native’s journey with music and life is felt throughout his sound. His new single “Ride Slow” is not only a hypnotic ballad to cruise too, its moment to enjoy freedom.

To know Mr.Richbound you must understand the power behind his perserverance. After spending more than half of his life in and out of prison, he began understanding his bigger purpose. Losing his father at only 5 years old he quickly began to find his own way, leading down a long path of prison confinement. Surrounded by street culture, Mr. Richbound whose first name is James, did not initially accept his passion for music. At only 14 years old, he received a sentence of 62 years in the County Jail. Although he filed and was granted a sentencing reduction for 6 1/2 years, he returned to prison less than two years later.

Although he was released he faced another charge not even a year later, resulting in his longest sentence of 11 years. During this time, Mr. Richbound reflected on his life, his decisions and most importantly his Legacy. Also a father to triplets, he felt a responsibility to create a Legacy his family could thrive from. During his confinement he studied multiple books about the music business. It was this knowledge that would give him focus and direction on his passion and purpose.

Richbound ENT or Nothing at ALL

Since his release Mr.Richbound hasn’t stopped paving his way into music. At the top of 2023 he released “I Remember”, a heartfelt reflection on all he’s overcame. He followed up with his second single “Different,” a hard hitting reminder of his unique talent. However, his new single “Ride Slow” which dropped just this month, sheds light on the importance of freedom. Describing the feeling of riding slow and how it’s a type of peace is clever and relatable. This ride slow metaphor can also be seen as a moment of embracing freedom, considering the many times he’s had to sacrifice his own. Nonetheless, Mr.Richbound is an artist who is sure of himself and his craft. “Ride Slow,” is an enticing single, giving swagger with street influence like never before.

Check out Mr.Richbound perform “Ride Slow” below on the 290 Moe Podcast below.


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