Sunday, December 10, 2023
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Yalee Is Back With Part 3 Of His Short Film “My Outside Is Different”

Why should you stream Yalee’s music? Why should you watch his short film? Who is this artist? 

Yalee is an up and coming artist that is true to his sound. He is a blend between a Gospel and Hip-Hop genre. When it comes to his lyrics are authentic, unfiltered, and, to some folks, relatable and to others unrelatable. However, you don’t have to relate to the songs – you have to find meaning and respect Yalee as an artist and a person. 

Yalee: the name itself draws the eye. How can there be no curiosity about what that name means and where it comes from? In an interview, Yalee says his name came from his sister: “She would call me Yaya, which turned into Yalee.” Family ties are significant, and you can see those ties in his music. He sings about his community, his Mama, and the people who developed his origin story. Yet, this origin story is neat and tight. Yalee moved back and forth from Ohio to Florida, going with his changing family dynamic. Eventually, he decided to move out independently, and boy, it was not like the movies. 

The struggles were real. Life was definitely not what he was anticipating. He lived out of his car, in a trap house, and those experiences led him to record “Pretty Girl Dance.” From there, he took opportunities by connecting with folks and moving to LA. Yalee was presented with an abundance of change: “it was uncomfortable because I wasn’t used to it, but change was needed” – indeed it was, look where he’s now. 

Wasting no time, Yalee has been releasing new music for the past few months along with his short film in several parts. Today, he released part 3 of 4, titled “My Outside Is Different.” Each episode of the short film tells part of his real-life story growing up as a child. 

Check out Yalee if not for the vibes, then for the perspective you can get from his experiences. He has listeners all over the country who inspire him and more so that he is inspired by. Keep the inspiration going. 

Make sure to watch Part 3 “My Outside Is Different” below and check out the other episodes of the short film available exclusively on YouTube. His music is also available on all streaming platforms and make sire to add it to you playlist.

Follow him on social media @yalee


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