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Rappa Says A Podcast Episode Played A Major Role In The Creation Of His ‘Trappin In Tha Summer’ Mixtape

Rappa can get creative inspiration from almost any situation and his recent Trappin In Tha Winter mixtape is a prime example of said abilities.

“Really all the songs from the record was a fun experience creating,” Rappa said of the six track project.

In fact, Rappa went on to explain how the track “Focus” was actually crafted after a one-off idea blurted out during a podcast was fleshed out during a studio session.

“‘Focus’ was created after Santeezy did a podcast downtown, Benny Ave was there we told him the Slapeton sound me and Santeezy have been creating the hybrid sound (reggaeton mixed with hip hop),” he said. Rappa added, “Tang and I created ‘For A Min’ in 30 mins. Dante incorporated Soulja Slim verse in ‘Slow Motion,’ he’s from Louisiana so he wanted to combine the West Coast with the South which I thought was dope. Me and Kb were vibing out in the studio soon as I played ‘Green Light’ instrumental he was feeling it. Me and NHale have lots of records in the cut I am his DJ and also engineer for him when we work. We vibe out all of the time we have more to come. JR007 is from Chicago and is apart of a group called Trench Mob which is on the rise. He wanted to try out some west coast sound so I gave him something smooth to hop on.”

Trappin In The Summer marks the beginning of a new chapter in his career. He expressed his gratitude to everyone involved, particularly Foundation Media, and emphasized his commitment to providing motivating and impactful music to his audience consistently. This EP serves as a foundation for upcoming projects, as Rappa revealed his intention to work on spanglish projects and collaborations with other talented artists.

The ideology behind “Trappin In Tha Summer” is to offer a perfect playlist for the season. Rappa’s carefully curated tracks are designed to accompany listeners to pool parties, energize them to chase their financial goals, and help them move on from toxic relationships. The music on the EP serves as the perfect soundtrack for a summer filled with unforgettable memories.
Production-wise, Rappa shared that he always studies the music he releases, observing how listeners react and what they enjoy. While there’s no fixed formula for making good music, he believes in creating organic sounds that resonate with his audience. The success of his music is a testament to his dedication to understanding what people truly connect with.

Stream the project below.


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