Sunday, December 10, 2023
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HomeThe MAIN EVENT highlights the best of the best from the Midwest

The MAIN EVENT highlights the best of the best from the Midwest

The Main Event album shows the power behind artist collaboration

The word for 2023 when it comes to music is collaboration. Women in hip-hop especially are dominating mainstream by showing love and support to each other. This trend of unity is spilling over into the men of hip-hop, predominately within the independent world. Recently, a new project highlighting the Midwest and surrounding areas, reminds the music world of the importance of genuine connections. The World Famous Main Event album, produced by beDOTWater shows the power behind artist collaboration.

In a fresh, creative and organic flow, beDOTWater who also is an artist (Orlando Coolridge) takes collaboration to new heights. The 14-track album combines raw rap, stylish hiphop and unique sounds that captivate a variety of listeners. Masterfully produced entirely by beDOTWater, his ability to captivate multiple sounds is amplified with this release. The album starts off with the single “Positive Affirmations,” by Microphone Misfitz, Orlando Coolridge and Shadow Master MC. A smooth and profound teaser setting an incredible tone for whats to come. The second single “Vibrations,” by Father Venice, Franco East and Leland Philpot, takes listeners to a dynmaic place.

Another stand out single is “The Regiment,” by Knowbody Sic and Del Quixotic. Reminding hip-hop why its sound is so iconic, this classic beat pairs perfectly with the flow of both artist. Taking notes from the battle rap persona, another single “Don’t Push Me,”by GQ The Fool and Safi-G, the vibrant track embodies the unpredictability, that rap can bring. Additionally, popular rap artist like Stank Nasty, Chops Diggity, Boly Blaise, Rhymster, Jon Fletch, Yung Tact, Adreaus Haley, M.Whise, Azmattic, Franco Diazzy, Moecyrus, Sam I AM The MC, JEZI, Breakneck The Mage, Static Soul, Cochise Soulstar and Chore Boy all prove their worth within the album.

Despite this being a predominately rap album, there is a beautiful mix of rich, poetic, playful and thrilling singles all throughout. One of the most unique elements about this release is the selective and talented blend of artist. Giving fans an exciting, exhilarating and fresh style, this album is a legendary. Further adding to the importance of the “creative community,” the cover art for the album is nostalgic. With a blue hue covering the face of each artist, the spotlight is shared equally throughout. Not only does The Main Event pay homage to the iconic and mesmerizing sounds of rap, but it gives a much needed spotlight on the strength of the independent community. Stream The World Famous Main Event on all platforms now!!


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