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Soulja Boy Connects Mitch Mula for New Single “LimeWire”

Soulja Boy’s latest single and video, “LimeWire,” has been met with widespread praise from critics. The new trendy track is produced by multi-platinum producer Mitch Mula – best known for his work on the acclaimed Lil Bitcoin project. In addition to direction by Grammy-nominated director Yasha Gruben, the accompanying visual is an awe-inspiring experience like no other. Boasting stunning visuals and a compelling narrative, viewers are taken on a captivating journey. Soulja Boy embarks on a daring mission to step foot on the moon, wearing GAIAN shoes – the world’s first energy-generating sneaker.

This moment further cements Soulja Boy’s status as one of the most innovative artists in the industry. In doing so, he’s pushing boundaries while continuing to shape contemporary music, entertainment, and technology in unprecedented ways. With his groundbreaking artistry and creative vision, Soulja Boy proves yet again that he is indeed a pioneer in every sense of the word. His hot new plays on the idea of his being the first rapper to do it all.

Back To The Future with Soulja Boy’s “Limewire” Visual

Big Draco, the viral blueprint, has now reinvented what it would be like if he built everything since the beginning of time. Soulja claims credit for inventing fire, painting the Mona Lisa, discovering America, and landing on the moon. He even claims to have invented Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, the United States Constitution, and the current digital currency Bitcoin. On the Mitch Mulla-produced single, Soulja pays homage to his smash single “Crank Dat” on the nostalgic app. Additionally, he wears his trademark white sunglasses with his name inscribed on the front, as well as a rotating SODMG chain around his neck. As a true pioneer of his generation, LimeWire chose to use Soulja’s 2007 hit “Crank That (Soulja Boy)” for their 2022 relaunch as a NFT.

Don’t believe me? Get familiar with these trailblazing talents here. Press play to watch “LimeWire“. Also be sure to add the sizzling single to your favorite playlist as it’s available on all DSPs. Lastly, let us know what you think!


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