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Cheeko Survives Getting Shot Eight Times in ATL After Road Rage Gone Wrong

Atlanta drivers have had a serious rap sheet throughout the years for their reckless driving. The spike in gun violence during Covid and post-Covid continues to surprise us. In fact, road rage shootings continue to take a toll and many innocent drivers can then become a victim. On May 31st at 5 PM, Rapper Cheeko was driving on Atlanta, Georgia interstate heading home from his job. One driver eventually cut him off in which the passenger looked over and urged the driver to intervene again. Cheeko ignores and continues to drive while both the driver and passenger continue to edge him off the freeway.

Cheeko becomes very uncomfortable and continues to ignore and maneuver around. All while this is happening, Cheeko has his left hand on the steering wheel and his right hand clutching his cell phone. Like many victims, you may immediately feel when you just got shot. The rapper claims he did not feel the bullet until he saw his shoulder dislocated, a pool of blood by the gas and brake pedal, and blood all over his phone, and this made it hard for him to dial 911. He continued to merge off to the nearest exit, and managed to get help within 6 minutes, but eventually became very dizzy upon police and ambulance arrival.

Cheeko “In The Flesh”

The rapper quotes on his Instagram page that he is blessed to be alive. Having undergone two surgeries followed up by a rapid recovery over 10 days at the hospital; he could not believe this happened to him. An aimless crime due to road rage which didn’t have any reason behind the crime, completely shocked him. Although he has to recover, he continues to work. As a result, he asked one of his close friends to bring his recording studio to the hospital. In which inspired him to continue rapping with over 100 visitors at the hospital. When speaking on the situation, he is so thankful for his support system during this rough time.

Furthermore, in celebration of life, Cheeko will be releasing a new raved released titled, “In The Flesh.” Thus, take some time to donate to his GO FUND ME. For now, get familiar with the trailblazing talent by pressing play on your preferred streaming platform. Lastly, stay locked here at Hip Hop Dose for all updates around Cheeko!



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