Tuesday, October 3, 2023
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Johnny Lugautti Follows-Up Kevin Gates, Doodie Lo Collaborations With Yung Bleu-Assisted ‘Secrets’ Single

Johnny Lugautti is ready to start the summer season after delivering a barrage of high-powered featured releases.

On the heels of he and Doodie Lo’s “Go,” The 3G Entertainment signee has joined forces with Yung Bleu for their new release “Secrets.”

“What inspired me for this song was just the way relationships go in this generation I don’t feel like there’s a lot of honesty and lots of secrets from both sides so I put a playful twist to it,” Johnny Lugautti said. “To me it’s a road trip vibe when you and your shordy just cruising otw to the beach or vacation, Right now was the best time because it’s almost summer and the summer vibes are unmatched.”

The release of “Secrets,” arrives at a high point for Johnny Lugautti, who managed to break through into the Top 40 chart at Urban Radio with he and Kevin Gate’s “Prada Me,” collaboration.

“I already had the song [“Prada Me,”] done I was actually in the studio finishing up the verse when my manager, Lynn came in and told me Kevin gates finna come get on the song,” Johnny said of the recording of the track. “30 minutes later he walked in the studio with his management, he pulled out his blackberry phone and started writing after we exchanged a few words, his team told me when he starts writing on the blackberry you know it’s gonna be a hell of a verse and it was, so again I wasn’t surprised because I watched him record it.”

The track arrived on Johnny’s recent EP, Diablo, which represents some of his more poignant work, as of late. Among the tracks on the EP, Johnny reveals that his favorite is “U Can.” He explains that the song holds a deeper message, inspiring listeners to defy limitations and follow their dreams. In a world where people are often discouraged from pursuing their aspirations, Johnny aims to empower them with a simple yet powerful message: “U CAN.”

Now, Johnny Lugautti plans to ignite a campaign to release even more collaborations before the end of 2023 — Which was kicked off by he and his 3G label mate Dee-Aye’s Darker Than Me collaboration.

“As far as 2023 I always say we gone do the same thing we been doing just times 3, I feel like we have been making the right moves , shaking the right hands, and putting our pieces in the right place, we just waiting for the checkmate,” Johnny Lugautti says.

When it comes to his music, Johnny Lugautti’s sound is a unique fusion of trap R&B and trap rock. His style incorporates the powerful vocals and heartfelt lyrics of an R&B singer, while also infusing metaphors and punchlines reminiscent of a rock band. With his distinctive blend of genres, Johnny represents where he’s from, showcasing the rawness and energy of his musical roots.

Stream “Secrets,” below.


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