Thursday, June 8, 2023
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Money Boss Players Releases ‘Boss Money Vol.1’ Album

Hailing from the South Bronx, Money Boss Players have crafted a longstanding legacy with classic rhymes, traditional hip-hop sound, undeniable chemistry, and consistency. And after a trailblazing 2022 with a series of buzzing projects, the group of Lord Tariq, Eddie Cheeba, Trey Bag, Big AH, and Minnesota Money Boss keep the buzz going with the release of their latest project, Boss Money Vol.1.

The first volume in the new installment is an 11-song collection that continues the group’s magnetic sound to feed their worldwide audience with signature production and hard-hitting lyrics. The album’s standout tracks are “Do You,” “The Rosary,” and “Boss Money Gangsters.” The album gives its core audience the portal to explore the group’s solo projects, respectively.

The group’s latest album follows Cop N’ Go, released in September 2022. The previously released album captures the essence of golden age hip-hop. “Cop N Go is a classic hip-hop album that captures the raw energy and emotion of street life, sure to stay in your playlist for years to come,” says the group.

Boss Money Vol.1 is set to be preceded by a follow-up album, which will be released in late 2023. Boss Money Vol.1 is available everywhere via M.B.P Music/JBS MANAGEMENT. The group released their debut single in 2021, “Walk With A Limp,” and released their debut album, Boss Money & Take Money, in 2022.

The Money Boss Players, originated from the South Bronx and gained fame and recognition throughout the 1990’s (with hits from members like Lord Tariq “Deja vu (Uptown Anthem)” , "Analyze This" Featuring Jay-z & Nas, "Think Big" Featuring Notorious B.I.G and super producer Minnesota A.K.A Minnesota Money Boss who produced for artists like The Notorious B.I.G., Sadat X, Kurupt, Big Pun, MosDef, JaRule, Trick Daddy, Scarface, Birdman, LiL Wayne, Da Alkaholiks, Naughty by Nature, Grand Puba, Ghostface Killah, M.O.P and many others. 

Releasing the critically acclaimed “Ghetto Chronicles” Featuring Group Members Lord Tariq, Big AH, C-Dubb, Eddie Cheeba and Minnesota in 1994, Money Boss began to move from South Bronx/NYC Hip Hop greats to world wide recognition. As some of the members of the group branched off into solo careers, Eddie Cheeba and Trey Bag kept the Money Boss Players core audience satisfied by bringing their group, Boss Money, to the forefront of South Bronx and New York City Hip Hop. Appearing on numerous mixtapes, major and indie albums and video shows, Boss Money has continued to cater to their core audience, the streets, and has watched their fan base grow and spread to Japan, the UK and throughout Europe.

Listen to the entire album below, and afterward, feel free to follow Money Boss Players daily via social media.


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