Tuesday, October 3, 2023
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HomeProfound Chicago artist Leo w3ST releases the highly anticipated album Just HML

Profound Chicago artist Leo w3ST releases the highly anticipated album Just HML

Chicago artist Leo w3ST releases new album Just HML

Leo w3ST is taking charge while paving his own lane in music. The Chicago artist released his new album Just HML and fans can’t get enough of it. With a laid back demeanor, he effortlessly gives a mixture of diversity, imagination and good energy with this latest release. The 16-track compilation is quickly raking up streams within weeks of it’s debut.

Leo w3ST represents Chicago effortlessly

Representing Chicago’s Westside neighborhood, Leo w3ST is always paying homage to his city. Displaying confidence, focus and artistic direction, he’s an artist who knows exactly who he is. Since 2017, his melodic yet detailed sound has been heard throughout the hip-hop and rap community. Remaining consistent, unique and original his music is unlike any other. His 2017 debut single “Where Am I Now,” was a perfect introduction. Following up with singles “No Pressure” and “Remember,” he quickly established a dedicated fanbase as an independent artist. Leo’s ability to include emotion and logic is insane. As he continued to evolve his sound, more releases offered different layers to his delivery.

As 2018 rolled in, Leo w3ST gave music his first EP titled Encore. Despite only including 4-tracks, this project only further proved his talent and vision within music. In 2019 he released another anticipated EP Sincerely w3ST followed by the tantalizing EP Somewhere w3ST. As he continued to release unique projects and groundbreaking singles, his fanbase grew to incredible numbers during 2020-2022. Using a mixture of imagination, personal introspective and undeniable artistry, Leo w3ST connects with music like no one else.

Taking on 2023 with no signs of slowing down, Leo w3ST releases an album worthy of consistent play. Despite the hip-hop appeal, Just HML is so much more than fans anticipated. Hidden gems are all throughout, as we explore and enjoy all of the sides that make up Leo w3ST. His artistry is uniquely defiant, capable of remaining true to his craft while exploring all inspiration. Singles like “Issa Crossover” show an energetic, imaginative and free sounding Leo w3ST. While singles like “Don’t HML,” “Outside” and “Circles” give his familiar classic and clam flow. A detailed and charismatic lyricist, his words become everlasting messages. Just HML is a must-play album, as every single deserves it’s own praise and applause. As each transition hits, with each new beat, you can feel the time and effort put into this. If you don’t know who Leo w3ST is, JUST HML is the perfect introduction. Stream this hot new release today on all platforms.


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