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Joey Majors Shows Love For The Raiders With “Raiders Nation”

Joey Majors releases his new single and video, “Raiders Nation.”  The track is a passionate statement about the current state of his favorite  team. Hip-hop artist and CEO of VIP Life Music Group Joey Majors is a Las Vegas  Raiders fan through and through. Majors  is from a small city in Western New York  named Batavia. It’s right in the middle of Rochester and Buffalo. But he’s been a resident and has called Vegas his home for years.  

When asked why he made this song, Joey says, “As a fan and a loyal member of the Raider Nation, I wanted to express some of my feelings about the recent moves made by  the team’s Head Coach and Management. Many people in our community are disappointed  about the organization trading away some of the team’s best players. And we are noticing that  these changes are reminiscent of the Patriots. We want to send a clear message that this is  “Raiders Nation,” not Gillette Stadium.” 

Majors recently released his album “Wolf In Sheep Clothing.” The deluxe version was released  late this March. With features from Splash God, Big Yount, ETO, and many more. Over the past  two years, Joey has collaborated with Mobb Deep, Benny The Butcher from Griselda, Jadakiss, 38 Spesh, Boldly James, Mooch (da cloth), Rigz (da cloth), Stove God Cooks, and Smif-N Wesson. And he also released the hit single “The Plug” with The Game. 

Joey Majors has a old school influence that’s priceless

Fans of classic hip hop should find solace in the overall nice flow Majors has. From the natural grit he has growing up from Buffalo to a more battle tested environment that allows him to be menace on the beat.

Influenced by legends of the hip-hop industry, it’s no wonder why Majors is also about being genuine. He looked up to the pioneers such as Grandmaster Flash and Whodini. Early on, he was inspired to pursue music because of artists like KRS-One, EPMD, and Nas.

When Jay-Z dropped the culturally and historically significant album “The Blueprint,” it was a wrap. And though Joey Majors hasn’t met Jay-Z in person, he considers Jay-Z to be his mentor. Of course, Joey’s a fan of the production and the lyrics, but he says, “I admire how he moves and lives.”

Majors has been blessed to work alongside some of his favorite artists. Joey was a big fan of Mobb Deep and recorded a song with Prodigy. And recently, he and his long-time collaborator Grea8Gawd were lucky enough to work with Havoc to create a modern-day Mobb Deep track, the new single “We Own The Night.”

“Raiders Nation” was produced by the young musical phenom producer JXSAMURAI. The passionate anthem “Raiders Nation” and the video are being released via the VIP Life label. Check out his latest video below.


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