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Bread Doe is the Raw & Soul of RnB Music

Bread Doe elevates the feeling behind music

Making a profound, authentic and raw sound in rnb, music artist Bread Doe is an undeniable force in music. Leading the year with multiple singles including the passionate “Opium,” Bread Doe elevates the feeling behind music. As a veteran of the indie underground community, he’s a master of versatility and imagination. With a soulful yet street aesthetic he’s an artist that isn’t afraid of displaying his vulnerability and truth.

Bread Doe is a Master of Music

Embodying a sound that can only be created through experience, Bread Doe pours his soul into his music. Representing the Midwest specifically Chicagoland, Bread Doe is a name that rings bells throughout the creative community. With a catalog spanning over several years, he’s more than an artist, he’s a visionary. Originally starting out as a producer and songwriter for a variety of artist including King Louie, Jessie Reyez, Jack Flash, Pvrx, Jeremih, Pilla B, JayLifted and others, he transitioned into a solo artist in 2017. Possessing a sound that is both melodic and filled with swagger, Bread Doe’s presence is powerful. Singles like “RNA”, “Okkay” and “Come Thru”, show his ability to tap into various themes.

Bread Doe Pours his soul into RnB

Expanding further on his unique approach and raw appeal, he released the melodic “If I Fall In Love featuring (Chimeka)” in 2019. He followed up with the EP “No Lifeguard On Duty”, “Power” and “Quarantine”. Understanding the feeling behind rnb music, his voice touches the soul and mind on multiple levels. The 2022 “Bout Me ( Acoustic)”, highlights his incredible control and natural range

Although fully capable of delivering hip-hop tracks, Bread Doe seems to find his home in the rnb world. Only in the second month of the year, he’s already given his fans multiple reflections to enjoy. Dominating the rnb crowd with street-soul serenades like, “Toxic”, “Sand”, and “Everything,Anything”, Bread Doe is taking the genre over. His latest release “Opium”, is the latest melody keeping rnb lovers in a chokehold. His natural ability to make fans emotionally and mentally connect with his timeless sound, is a superpower in itself.

As the year kicks off, Bread Doe is more than ready to show the world what he’s made of. Already featured on playlist like RnB Radar, performing all across the world including places like Mexico, Bread Doe is paving an incredible lane for himself. Follow the talented artist on all social media @Breaddoe and stream his latest release “Opium”, an ultimate street-serenade.


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