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Stank Nasty releases the exceptional single “Paranoia”

Midwest hip-hop artist Stank Nasty is back with a new single for the raw rap lovers. Dropping his latest banger “Paranoia,” Stank Nasty taps into another level on this exhilarating release. Paranoia isn’t the average hip-hop single, combining a hard rock element with detailed lyrics, it gives fans a rush from beginning to end.


Representing Chicagoland, Stank Nasty is an artist that continues to evolve every year. Releasing music for several years, he’s grown drastically in his craft. Creating a name and a brand for himself with his uniquely entertaining sound, Stank Nasty is changing the feel of hip-hop. Building an impressive catalog, his music offers a variety of emotions, messages and impressive lyricism. Further pushing barriers in 2019 with his singles “Carnage”,”Preaching To The Choir” and “The Lord Knows,” his approach to hip-hop began to expand.

Showing off a confident yet striking delivery, Stank Nasty slowly changed the face and feel of the popular genre. Following up with two more singles, “Hold It Down” and “Beast Mode”, releasing in that same year, he quickly paved a lane for himself. Adding to his unique collection of music, he kept pushing out exceptional singles including the 2020 smash “Scatter Brained.” In 2021 the EP EPIC hit streaming platforms, exposing more of Stank Nasty’s variety and range.

Although a shorter EP, the impact of the project speaks volumes in the hip-hop world. In 2022 the sensational single “My Own Lane” ft MVNDO yet again shook the hip-hop world. Taking a more melodic approach, “My Own Lane” is a reflection of his expansion as an artist and a voice. Outside of releasing dynamic music, he’s been known to rock the stage effortlessly. Performing all throughout Chicagoland and the Midwest, Stank Nasty brings his naturally high-energy to any crowd. Always leaving audiences speechless, his performances include backup dancers, mesmerizing transitions and a one of kind up-close experience you can’t get from many other music artist.


In other words, Stank Nasty has rightfully earned his respect within hip-hop and rap. The single “Paranoia,” is the first release of the new year for the “Lord of The Flow.” Adding Mississippi artist Tito Lopez a previous protege of Dr. Dre as a feature, further adds to the song’s unique swagger. With outstanding production by Triple A Beats and electric guitar instrumentation by Wade Anderson also known as Nufzn, it’s a track rich in diversity. Mixed and mastered by Gerald The Genius at SoundStation Studio, “Paranoia” gives a cinematic soundtrack appeal. Aside from the polished production, the overall feel and sound of the single is top tier. Stank Nasty isn’t showing any signs of letting up, from unique collaborations to a song made for the big screen, he’s taking the world by storm. Stream Paranoia now on all platforms and follow Stank Nasty on social media @stank_nasty_


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