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Neek DaVinci Is Never Letting Up With Back To Back Bangers

Staten Island stand up! NY-native Neek DaVinci returns with his most recent release, “Go Get It” and the fans can’t get enough! Neek comes from a creative family of artists and influencers. His artistry is inspired by family and the likes of music mogul, Jay-Z. He admires not only his hustle as a businessman, but his expert-level lethal lyricism as well and the balance between the two. Pursuing his passion at a young age, the emerging emcee quickly stood out from the rest among the NY Hip-Hop circuit. Neek’s musical goal draws attention to the Staten Island star’s life experiences and hometown. 

I’m the perfect example of what Staten Island breeds.” 

Neek DaVinci Isn;t New To This, He’s True To This

As a result, he has a desire to produce the highest quality of work. In doing so, he creates timeless tracks as he continues to grow at a steady speed. Bringing it back to the beginning, this trailblazing talent initially stepped on the scene and gained notoriety in 2017 with his debut mainstream mixtape. He delivered his debut drop Bitches and Bitcoins which was a huge success! So much so, the popular project landed him show spots with hip-hop heavyweights such as: Uncle Murda, Casanova, Lil Bibby, Don Q, and Cory Gunz. In addition to shutting down stages at The Chance Theatre, Queens at Aloha, and Blackthorn 51. 

My first deal was in 2019 after I came off a college tour. we hit all the biggest universities from the eastside New York area. all the way down to Florida”.

Remaining a force to be reckoned with, rising rhymer Neek DaVinci kept his word by releasing new music on a regular basis. Since his initial introduction, he’s unleashed hot hits such as: “DaVinci DaVinci” (2018), “I Got The Bag” (2019), “On Gritty” (2019). Take a short hiatus during the pandemic, Neek takes the down time to produce more music! He returns with raved releases “E4 My Niggah” (2021) and “Top Of The Radar” (2021). Keeping his mic wrapped around the industry’s neck, Neek DaVinci returns with his latest offering “Go Get It”!

What’s Next…

In fact, for his trendy track, this is what Staten Island, New York sounds like! Accompanying the audio is a vibrant visual that will have you hooked. Overall, bringing the vibes with each and every record. Furthermore, Neek DaVinci is carving his own path into the spotlight in the ever-growing, uber-competitive rap and hip-hop industry. His proven success serves as a beacon of hope for many aspiring artists. Stay tuned as Neek gears up for his new sizzling single “Put That Sh*t On” dropping early 2023. For now, get familiar with the sizzling star here. Press play on “Go Get It” and see why it’s a stream stacker! Lastly, let us know what you think. 

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