Monday, September 25, 2023
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Emily Ryan Is Arriving With Her Debut Album ‘Emily’s Party’

Aspiring artist Emily Ryan has a quality that is both aspirational and relatable. Emily makes music that moves the masses. Whether it’s about tense relationships, confidence, growing up or bringing uptempo vibes, Emily Ryan knows how to reach her fans! Her vocal performance and musical presence has a way of commanding an audience and capturing their hearts and ears! Her voice creates unforgettable moments within her music while navigating the thoughts of her fans. Entering the new year, Emily is poppin’ bottles. In doing so, she makes her mark with her raved release, “Emily’s Party”! The highly anticipated album is set to arrive January 13th, 2023. 

The Emily Ryan Effect

Emily weaves through a hybrid of genres, from Pop and Rock with blended Blues elements. In addition to her earworm songwriting, Emily Ryan has a distinct style that’s been developing for decades. Emily also manages to combine the familiar with fresh storytelling and perspectives. When reflecting of the motivation behind her music, Emily goes on to say: 

“That I really care about making music that you can all relate to. I want everyone to have a good time listening to my records or at least feel good listening to my records. The world is stressful and sad enough music should be a good outlet to escape from that, or to at least feel something and that’s the environment I would love to provide”. 

What’s Next?

After all, her music is undeniably addictive. When you listen to it as much as we have, its sweetness becomes even more difficult to deny. But what will it take for Emily Ryan’s vocally layered, sunny-yet-melodically-driven pop sound to reach a wider audience this year? Basically whatever she’s doing because we are hooked! It’s difficult to imagine that feeling not quickly spreading to the rest of the music world. Who knows what 2023 holds. The future is just as uncertain as it was a year ago. But, if there’s any silver lining to all of this, it’s that artists had the chance to take some time to really focus on the music and plan their next moves.For now, stay locked here as we anxiously await for the arrival of her debut album, Emily’s Party. Stacked with 12 sizzling songs, be sure to pre-Save the project by clicking here!




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