Monday, January 30, 2023
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Cilla Ramos Creates Music For The Masses

Quickly claiming her stardom is none other than multifaceted musician, Cilla Ramos! In fact, the Latina singer-songwriter from Queens, New York is well-known for the variety of her music. In addition to her powerful yet passionate vocals alongside her fearlessly free-spirited energy. Creating an enthralling experience for her fans, Cilla can lure her listeners in through her English-Spanish singles. In doing so, she sings in both languages effortlessly over various beat styles such as Reggaeton/Dembow, R&B/Hiphop, and Dance/Pop. Beautifully blending her Latin roots with New York culture.She fell in love with music as a child, and after discovering her natural musical abilities, she began honing her craft and penning her own music! She has been able to express herself creatively in multiple genres after being inspired by R&B, Hiphop, Pop, and Latin music. Cilla has been featured on several songs with other talented artists and has released her own projects as well.

Cilla Ramos Is On The Rise

Additionally, remaining a force to be reckoned with, Cilla can’t easily be categorized into one specific genre due to her diversity. With every song she releases, she brings a new style and flow while maintaining a consistent authentic vibe and essence, which is what sets her apart. Her craft is creative and her imagination is limitless! Moreso, back in May of 2020, Cilla Ramos dropped off her debut EP titled, The Blossom. The New York songstress lead out with her previously released single ‘Paradise’ and follows up with 5 additional tracks and one interlude. Cilla switched between pop and contemporary R&B on this one. Switching paces and tempos the acoustic “Rose Thorn” showcases her vocal abilities, spotlighting her range and runs, while the dance-heavy “Love in the Summertime” wraps up the album.

What’s Next?

Furthermore, ready to warm up the winter, the trailblazing talent returns to reveal her trendy track titled, “Picante”! The new sizzling single serves as one of her most streamed singles as she’s shattering them throughout the various streaming platforms. Keeping up the momentum, Cilla Ramos is gearing up to deliver new drops in the New Year! Be sure to add Cilla Ramos as an artist you should add to your playlist! Stay tuned here as we anxiously await her highly anticipated releases! For now, get familiar with the aspiring artist by pressing play on her hot new hit “Picante”. Lastly, let us know what you think! 



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