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Glxtchxn Gears Up For A Trailblazing Year In 2023

Gearing up to take over 2023 is none other than trailblazing talent, Glxtchxn! This rising rhymer got his start in rapping when his rhymes were recognized in junior high school. In fact, his first record was a diss track directed at a fellow classmate that received over 1000 plays in two days before being deleted. After the short lived hype around the improvised hit, Glxtchxn didn’t rap again until his freshman year of college, when he collaborated with two freestyle rappers named Chvlice and McLovin.

The Rise Of Glxtchxn

As a result, he spent a year freestyling with them before enrolling in his second college before linking with an artist that, at the time, named New Gen Nas. Many may not known, but New Gen Nas inspired Glxtchxn by backing his drive and belief. Continuously honing his craft, in 2019, Glxtchxn worked on three sizzling singles which were “Frieza”, “Noseblxxd P1”, and “Need The One”. Dropped in April 2019, his debut drop “Frieza” alongside “Noseblxxd P1” served as the initial introduction to the trendy talent.

Additionally, he went on to release, “Need the One” which was the first record to be placed on all streaming platforms. Remaining relevant, Glxtchxn released records like “Jxst Business” and “Pity The Fool” throughout the remainder of that year into 2020. In fact, 2020 was his most difficult year because it limited his collaboration with other artists due to the pandemic. But, it also helped him figure out more about his creative process.


Not letting the lockdown limit his ability anymore, Glxtchxn was able to release two songs, “Noseblxxd P2” and “Gelato”. These records were released with the help of a producer named Novad and an engineer named T Mane. Leading into 2021, Glxtchxn fell into slight depression but his creative process was still intact. Around March 2021, he released a song called “Better”. This record helped him define what direction he wanted to take in his musical career. For the rest of 2021, Glxtchxn delved deeper into the musical madness before starting production on his 2022 debut album, Man On a Mission.

Glxtchxn Brings Lyrical Trap

Glxtchxn officially defined his musical genre as Lyrical Trap when he released his 2021 EP Just Some Songs. Each and every beat on that EP was made by Novad. He defined his genre of Lyrical Trap as a side note because he wanted to delve into the genres of Lyrical Trap and merge the two. This genre was heavily inspired by artists such as: Nas, Kendrick Lamar, KRS One, Wu-Tang Clan, Mac Miller, Cordae, XXXTENTACION, Ski Mask The Slump God, Tyler The Creator, Juice WRLD. As well as, artists that he’s collaborated with such as: Naxxir, DTrxll, YungBatz, L0key Famous, JesusBlessedIt, DK, UHL!¥AH, Mike Can Dream, Sa!nt, and other members of Y.O.

Along with defining his genre, he based his colors on it, which were red, green, and blue. Red is more of a dark, moody Trappish type of sound. Green is a chill vibe-heavy lofi eccentric type of music that lifts one’s spirits. While blue is a more somber color that can be found in genres such as Sad Rap. Which delves deeper into Glxtchxn’s mental state. With a better mindset and a clear direction in his music, Glxtchxn released FYE (Fuck You & Everything). Which is his red content that contains “Walk ft. Naxxir”, “AYE!!! ft. Kenny Koughs”, “ABSTRACT (Prod. By Dayne)”, and “Lonely” which was engineered by Glxtchxn himself.

Remaining the Man On A Mission, Glxtchxn is showing and proving why he’s the industry’s next up! Don’t believe me? Press play on his 2021 popular project, Just Some Songs on your preffered DSP while we await for his highly anticipated Man On A Mission drop. Lastly, let us know what you think here.




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