Monday, May 29, 2023
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Davinci B Delivers New Single “Baby Hov”

Soaring from South Florida is rising rhymer, Davinci B, best known by Baby Hov! Ready to warm up the winter, Davinci B delivers new sizzling single! In doing so, the single serves as tribute to the great JayZ in the hopes of causing controversy among his peers. Davinci exemplifies the empire state of mind by having his team represent his brand “Good Vybe” throughout the accompanied visual. Ensuring that his city is aware that it is his brand. Davinci B drops his eccentric energy while performing by popping Belaire bottles at the start of his music video. As a result, he’s letting his audience know that he does this in real life and not just at parties or clubs.

With the Good Vybe Family on his side, Davinci shows his mental fortitude by stopping traffic on I-95 in his hometown of Pompano Beach, not caring about the consequences. When ask why stop traffic and why on a
major interstate his response was:

“I mean, its not my first time doing this I’ve done it before, go watch my “Super Demon” video, this anit nothing new. I only did it again for the ones who thought I couldn’t, but this time I made sure that they knew it wasn’t luck, I pop shxt day or night regardless, it’s a lifestyle”.

Davinci B not only stopped traffic once or twice, but three times, with the other two locations in Miami, and all of this in one day on Labor Day weekend, when traffic is extremely congested. Davinci B’s confidence and image is what separates him from the rest of the artists in his city. With no label backing him, he’s determined to show the world that he is not like the rest nor does he want to be. Hence the significance behind his sizzling single, “Baby Hov“. Davinci has a solid foundation already established and hopes to have RocNation management and Universal distribution in the near future. All he needs is the “machine” behind him and for the majors to press the button on his career.

Overall, Davinci B is gearing up to deliver his debut album My Old New Flow set to be released in Winter 2022/23. With the intention of demonstrating to the world that “hard work beats talent, when talent doesn’t work hard,” in his own words. It’s safe to say that this Davinci is on a mission and has a bright future ahead of him. For now, get familiar with Davinci B and keep an eye out for aspiring artist as he’s on his way to the throne. Press play on “Baby Hov” on your preferred DSP. Lastly, let us know what you think here!




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