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StankNasty Takes a Chance with new dance single on the way

Hip-hop/rap artist StankNasty is giving the people more of what they want and need in music. After performing an amazing set at the Chicago Pure VNM show, StankNasty teases fans with a snippet of new music. Via Instagram, StankNasty posted a story in the studio with the caption “Take A Chance..Sessions”. Although the story was quick fans quickly took notice that a new fire song was in the works to release soon. Further details list Chicago’s very own Corey Ether as a collaborator on the track.

StankNasty : Remember The Name

Representing the midwest, StankNasty has grown a reputation for his furious and fast flow. His music is a combination of hard-hitting beats paired with dynamic and high-paced lyrics. Also known as Lord of The Flow, King of The Rhyme and The Master Crafter, his sound has no boundaries or limitations. Giving the world of rap a fresh and innovative approach, his catalog of music touches on a variety of topics.

Since 2018 he’s released multiple singles, each showcasing his talent and artistry. Tracks like Carnage, Preaching to the Choir and Trauma give personal reflection and emotion. Other singles like the now classic Scatter Brained take listener’s on a journey through StankNasty’s mind. His latest release My Own Lane ft MVNDO, is a high-paced banger, reminding the rap world of his originality. The video for the track has already gained over 10k views on Youtube.

StankNasty experiments with his sound

Although recognized for his raw approach, he’s taking a different angle on his new single. Teaming up with Chicago DJ & artist Corey Ether, the pair are working on something magical. Tapping into the dance/house music lane, the single titled Take A Chance, is a smooth and indulgent track. Covered with horns and electric undertones, the ballad is sure to make you bust a move or two. The captivating cover art, displaying a neon radio further adds to the excitement the track brings. As of yet no further details are known about the release of the single.

With the intention of expanding his music catalog, this collaboration is the first of many set to come. StankNasty has teased at multiple features from artist all over including, Just Jana, Ash’leye, Orlando Coolridge, Rhymster, Doty G Mac & Deen Akbar to name a few. In addition to multiple singles, more visuals are expected to drop and a possible collaboration with The Chicago Bulls Organization. StankNasty is an artist who believes in dedication and staying genuine in everything that you do. To keep up with the talented artist follow him on IG @stank_nasty_ and check out his video for My Own Lane ft MVNDO below!


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