Tuesday, February 7, 2023
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Propho Lotto Takes Listeners on a Paper Chase with his Authentic Sound

Rap music has become more than raw lyrics over a tight beat, it’s a form of storytelling with descriptive language. Artist everywhere use rap to inform, educate, inspire and motivate. These passion filled lyrics come from an intelligent and creative space, Proho Lotto takes this creativity to new heights. The hip-hop artist has an amazing eye to detail when spitting his captivating rhymes. A natural lyricist his music includes clever references, hypnotic beats and catchy hooks you’ll play again and again.

Hailing from the Midwest specifically the West side of Chicago, his polished delivery has music lovers everywhere taking notice. Growing up, music has always played a major role in Lotto’s life. Heavily influenced by his father who was a DJ and his grandfather who taught him how to read music notes, Lotto knows music inside and out. Being exposed to various genres like jazz, rap, rnb and rock allowed Lotto to grow a love for all types of music. Taking notes from artist like Nipsey Hustle, Lloyd Banks, Nas, J.Cole and Kid Cudi Lotto’s sound is both impactful and classic. A natural writer, Lotto has always written down different stories and poems as a child continuing on through adulthood. Lotto began rapping over instrumental beats, practicing his craft and further developing his sound.

Lotto gives variety with every release

Raising the bar with every project, Lotto’s music catalog grows by the month. One of his earlier releases from 2017 For The Love of Money, is a solid album packed with polished tracks. He followed up with the dynamic EP Elevating, giving a more harmonic and expansive feel. Continuing to expand his sound, Lotto released several more pieces of work including the album For The Love of the Game and Half Paid, which features the anthem Paper Chase. His latest EP No Tax Needed Income Tax Season, already has the rap world in a frenzy. Lotto’s music touches on so many topics, drawing in a diverse and devoted fanbase.

Further sharing his sound with the world, Lotto just completed his first tour with the rap duo Pure VNM. He took his captivating sound to states like California, Washington, Georgia, Indiana and Arizona. While on tour Lotto performed some hits by amazing landmarks including the Hollywood sign and The Grand Canyon. An artist dedicated to his craft, Lotto is expected to drop more music before the year is out. A new project paying tribute to the classic films Paid n Full & Half Baked is in the works, which will show fans yet another side of the skillful artist. Propho Lotto is an artist that not only produces exceptional music, he gives listener’s a piece of himself. Using his gift of clever wordplay with bold and exceptional beats, Propho Lotto is changing the rap & hip-hop world. To see more follow him on IG @propho_lotto and check out his tiny desk performance in the Hollywood Hills below !!


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