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Picasso De Conscience is breaking all barriers in the Hip-Hop World

The Midwest just isn’t letting up with innovative music and new artist from all over touching the mainstream media. Picasso De Conscience is the latest breakout artist from Chicagoland who is providing an entire experience through music. Coupled with a playful and imaginative delivery, Picasso uses various forms of expression in his music. What started as a way to attract viewers turned into a key element in his brand as an artist and performer.

Picasso De Conscience finds inspiration everywhere

Picasso De Conscience has a style that is unpredictable and cinematic. As a hip-hop, alternative artist his sound is influenced by multiple genres. Residing from the West Suburbs of Chicago, Picasso has always been creative and unafraid of pushing boundaries. Influenced by artist like Biggie, The Weekend and Big L, Picasso uses playful yet striking lyrics taking you into his artistic mind. Picasso uses personal life, trending topics, and experiences in his vibrant sound.

Releasing music since 2020, Picasso started off making music to catch people’s attention. His first mixtape “Last Blunt Before The Next Show” was a teaser of his textured sound. In addition to multiple singles being released, Picasso has visuals that push boundaries and exceed expectations time and time again. Further taking listeners on a trip, his visuals are a bit outlandish but entertaining to say the least. The visual for the single Gone For A Second was shot in an Aquarium. In another visual for the single Bonny, Picasso uses a helicopter in the video.

Picasso continues releasing music in 2022

Continuing his out of the box creativity, he dressed up as Edward ScissorHands in a new project set to release soon. Also an influencer for Chicago and the midwest, his collaboration list is growing every month. Picasso has worked with Chicago influencers like Chella H and King Pin Rue as well as L.A artist Symphony Green. The dope single “Assets” featuring Chella H has over 47K views via Youtube.

Picasso’s reign of original and enticing music won’t be stopping anytime soon, in fact he has a new single Mona Lisa is preparing for a debut. The stylish track featuring Chicago music artists Twista and Sasha Go Hard is set to release later in August. Picasso being the artist that he is, already has a unique visual directed by Billy Kauck in the works for the single. With over 105,755 streams total on Spotify followed by an impressive catalog, Picasso is prepared to pave his own lane in music. Keep up with this creative artist on social media platforms @Picassodeconscience


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