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OnlyBobbyLee Delivers The Summer Is Ours Vol. 2. To Heat Up The Summer

OnlyBobbyLee, a rising rhyming talent from Kentucky, is kicking off the summer for all of us! Ready to heat the streets this summer, the Kentucky-bred rhymer returns with the follow up to his previous project, The Summer Is Ours, with The Summer Is Ours Vol. 2.

The Rise Of OnlyBobbyLee

Since elementary school, OnlyBobbyLee has been perfecting his craft in preparation to become your favorite artist. Growing up, BobbyLee was so drawn to his passion in school that his superiors felt that they had to force disciplinary actions. For instance, Ms. Johnston, his elementary school teacher, thought that his fourth-grade in-class songwriting after finishing his schoolwork constituted insubordination and a disruption. His mother had to make arrangements for him to be moved to a different homeroom class as a result.

Following the fire release of Soulja Boy’s “Crank That” in 2006, Bobbly Lee began producing beats. In doing so, he purchased FL Studio 7nand never looked back! In the fall of 2014, is where it all began for Lee — this was the moment he started his professional music career. With the backing and assistance of Doc Genius, he became proficient at recording himself. In fact, he taught him the basics of recording and Bobby quickly became HOOKED on every aspect of music creation.

As many know, one cannot succeed without the support of their village. With that being said, OnlyBobbyLee looks to his brother Astro Ace to light the fire under him to go harder. In terms of instrumentals, his inspiration comes from his best friend, Hendrix Smoke. From the start, he’s connected Lee with the right people and really put the footwork in from the foundation, up! Numerous factors contributed to BobbyLee’s quick ascent to fame. His music has always had a sense of vulnerability and sincerity that transcended any genre and connected with fans, from the lovestruck tempos to the most experienced hip-hop heads, despite being extremely musically inclined and hip hop-friendly. Since the beginning of his career, his ability to switch things up on the same record has been a major factor in his success.

The Artistry

I’m going to go ahead and just clarify that all mentions of illegal activity is reflective of people I’ve known. Most of which are now deceased. These are old stories that I’m retelling to keep their memory alive. that lovey-dovey shit? That’s me. That’s me trying to talk to my woman against all odds so we can win as an item. You’ll hear a lot of that in my JK EP. From doing a girl dirty by replacing her with a girl I just met. Falling in and out of love at record speed and everything that comes with. The ups and downs of dealing with women comes through.

In 2020, at the heart of the pandemic OnlyBobbyLee vowed to give the music business the old “college try”. Excited to share his journey, he expresses his experiences through his music and platforms. Additionally, he unveiled his debut project, The Summer Is Ours. 

After gathering great feedback from his previous release, OnlyBobbyLee returns with its sequel — The Summer Is Ours Vol. 2. Overall, he really raised the bar on every level with every rhymer and record! According to the artist himself, “This is the soundtrack to 85 degree weather with the top down. Something sticky rolled with something stout in the passenger seat”. Don’t believe me? Press play here at Hip Hop Dose! Lastly, let us know what you think! 




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