Thursday, December 7, 2023
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Projects You Should Add To Your Radar: 250z – ‘Mixed EmotionZ’

Just as summer’s heading up, 250z has dropped his newest project Mixed EmotionZ! It’s a new venture for 250z as he shows the world what he’s capable of and just how he’s coming this summer. He’s ready to turn up the heat all the way, and Mixed EmotionZ is a project that does just that. He expresses his emotions very clearly throughout the project in an artistic and creative way that is sure to captivate any listener.

“My grandma was always impressed with my singing, she always told me all you gotta do is say so. When she passed it was like … so are you finna cry all day, but you can only cry so much. I couldn’t really find the words to say unless it was being put into a song.”

According to a recent interview with 250z, the past few years have been filled with a lot of hard times and immense loss in a variety of ways for people all around the world. 250z’s Mixed EmotionZ is his way of creatively processing what those experiences have been like for him. 

“This project was inspired from the emotions of my grandmother passing and then my uncle,” he initially said. “But also the emotion of experiencing new places, new studios. Meeting new people, traveling and making better music and truly coming out of that pain stage.” 

Mixed EmotionZ offers up 12 new tracks from the North Carolina emcee all boasting his signature sound he described as “Soulful trap and R&B.” 250z shared that his goal in his music is to be relatable and feel understood and this is evident through the project’s entirety. From the experimental “Fantasy” (a song 250z said he’s most proud of!), to the vulnerable and motivating “Stay On Your Grind,” Mixed Emotions offers a variety of different vibes and an authenticity listeners will appreciate.

Keeping his next move close to his chest, 250z promises he has a lot more in store for listeners to look forward to following his latest project. With a trio of tracks dropping in 2022 titled “All For You,” “K.O.D.” and “That Mode,” the artist from Statesville, NC is about to move to the next level with his newest release that spans 12-tracks. Melodic and inspired by icons such as Luther Vandross, Tank, Future and Chris Brown, there is no doubt that 250z style flips the switch between a strong lyrical rap flow and harmonies that make him stand apart from the rest.

To stay up to date on all things 250z, be sure to follow him on Instagram.

Stream Mixed EmotionZ below:


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