Monday, February 6, 2023
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Buddha Shawty releases new single “Kill Bill”

Midwest artist Buddha Shawty releases the new single Kill Bill showing off, his innovative sound. The single is the second release from the hip-hop artist this year. Kill Bill gives a throwback feeling combined with new school influence. The track produced by Pepsquickreps , pays tribute to the action packed Kill Bill movie using a popular tune from the film. Buddha’s smooth and satisfying flow covers the track effortlessly.

Since 2016 Buddha Shawty has released several singles showcasing his variety as an artist. He started out doing covers on multiple hip-hop songs before creating his own music. Inspired by artist like MF DOOM, Kanye West and Three 6 Mafia; Buddha’s delivery is fresh and dynamic. Earlier tracks like Rated R SuperStar & Flood give futuristic and innovative sounds experimenting with auto tune and eclectic beats. His single Sum 4 U also dropped this year, giving us a taste of his sensual RnB side. The track produced by 7i7 Kwony, is a smooth serenade any music lover can vibe too.

Buddha Shawty is an artist that isn’t afraid to push the boundaries when it comes to creating exhilarating sounds. Over the years Buddha has studied multiple genres, discovering different rhythms and arrangements. As he continues creating imaginative sounds, his fan base has grown tremendously. With an audience demographic spanning across generations and cultures, Buddha Shawty is building a genuine and dedicated following. Currently independent, Buddha aspires to continue his music with or without a label backing him up.

Using his motivation of providing more opportunities for his family and those close to him, his only concern is releasing real and authentic music. Not easily persuaded by the glamour of viral sensations or millions of streams, Buddha makes music that is relatable and expansive. In a time where artist are struggling to keep up with trends, Buddha finds a balance of modern and personal influence. As confident as they come, Buddha always takes the crowd over with ease anytime he hits the stage. His raw yet approachable aesthetic appeals to anyone who witnesses him perform live. His confidence is contagious as well as his passion for his work, anytime he raps you can see and feel the emotion.

Buddha Shawty has big plans for 2022 as more singles are expected to debut. His summer is already booked with multiple shows set for July and August all throughout the Chicagoland area. Although Buddha Shawty has no visuals to date, more from the artist will premiere as the Fall season comes. Buddha Shawty is paving a lane in the hip-hop world, and he’s doing it his own way. Keep up with the indie artist on all streaming services @Buddha Shawty.


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