Thursday, September 28, 2023
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Motown’s Next Rising Star: A Look at Lando Lo

Detroit, the city that gave birth to Motown, has one of the richest musical histories in the world. Detroit’s musical heritage is rich in jazz, blues, gospel, country, rock, techno, and, more recently, rap, although the state’s capital is best known for its soul music. Jackie Wilson, Smokey Robinson, and Diana Ross were all born in Detroit, which is well-known for also giving rise to several other notable jazz musicians, many of whom recorded for Blue Note Records.

We had the opportunity to talk to another rising artist in this city, Lando Lo. A young music lover, who has been obsessed with rap battles since childhood. This love of rap brought him to his destination when he started making music himself. His rap skills have been cultivated by years of preparation and growth. He has phenomenal breath control, a variety of flows, and above-average wordplay, and knows when to ride the beat and when to go against it. He’s a savvy rapper. His adaptability is his greatest asset.  His latest project “Lo Profile” is nothing more than a complete vibe that takes you through a musical journey with an unorthodox style. When you listen to the project the production is very upbeat.  If I had to pick a favorite record it would be “Fourteen”.  The sample is crazy, and he really rides the beat on this record better than any other some on the project.

His style is unique. You completely lose yourself in it when you listen to that melody, rhythm, beats, and those idiosyncratic vocals. It evokes the exact feelings you want from a song. You temporarily experience the feeling of being in your dream world or another dimension. You simply feel divine. Your mood is improved, and you automatically become upbeat.

This is the reason why rap is considered to be the king of all music genres. Rap doesn’t care if you like it or not. Rap is direct, sincere, and contextual. Rap may occasionally stray into the shallow end of the musical pool, as can all genres, but music is a gift an artist chooses to give to the world. Rappers follow the same rules. Lando Lo is obviously committed to his music, and we’ll share some of his incredibly insightful observations about the creative process of rap music with you below.

“I actually always loved music I grew up watching a lot of rap battling like URL and I used to freestyle a lot and that soon led to making my own music,” he says when asked about how he got into the industry. Formally a great basketball player in his college years, it didn’t go the way he planned after college due to Covid but that’s when he began to take rap seriously and it gave him the same feel basketball gave him.

Sometimes you regret the choices that you’ve made at the earlier stage of your career; this is something Lando Lo sensibly notes. “I wish I would have started making music earlier than I did because I think time makes you better as an artist same as anything you do,

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