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Young Kage: “You Can’t Rush Greatness”

Young Kage is an exciting young artist who’s just recently broken out on the music scene, and already is turning heads with his incendiary releases. Coming at you from south Jersey, Young Kage immediately strikes you as a man with a passion for everything to do with the creative process, and with the music world. Here’s someone with tremendous energy levels, who’s always coming up with new ideas, and devising exciting strategies to hit the music world running.

But when you sit him down for a conversation, the young artist comes across as remarkably grounded and humble. You’ll find no stardom-inspired airs here, but instead, a polite young creator, whose main focus is imparting what he’s learned so far in his life, and expressing himself creatively.

“I got in the industry because it just helps express myself I guess that’s why they call it art,” the young artist told us when we caught up with him recently. We also discussed some of Young Kage’s favorite (and least favorite) aspects of the music world, and what it means to be a creative spirit.

For Young Kage, the key to creating good music and staying relevant as an artist is consistency and staying true to yourself. He believes it’s all about identifying the emotions and things you want to transmit, and then putting your heart and soul into those. You want to come across as exciting and innovative, but also want your music to have that supremely relatable something that draws in a crowd. Fortunately, Young Kage doesn’t seem to be having any problems in that respect. His music is catchy, though not without meaning. He hits where it hurts, and manages to express what he’s feeling in a way that you can’t help but take to heart.

Of course, that doesn’t mean he hasn’t had his fair share of setbacks and difficulties, both in his private life and as an artist.

“One thing I wish I could change maybe is the process it takes. But when it’s your time, it’s your time. I’m not complaining lol. Can’t rush greatness.”

Although remarkably creative, Young Kage doesn’t just see himself as a musician, but also as an entrepreneur. Because nowadays, to be fair, you need a little bit of both to make it on the modern music scene. As a creative, he’s learning to use his social media presence to drive listeners and to expand his outreach. He’s a hustler, and a tremendously bold spirit, and one of his main goals is bettering himself.

“[I’m most proud of] Building a name for myself as a music artist. Learning a lot of different things on the business side of the art. My biggest accomplishment is I’m teaching myself, [getting ready] for the next level.”

In the future, Young Kage has plans of collaborating with other exciting young artists and learning how to grow together. If possible, he aims to also give back to the community that helped him along, and act as an anchor for other young creatives.

“My advice is to learn everything you can yourself. Regardless if you have help or not. Your best teacher they say is self-experience.”

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