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Don Royal Delivers New Music

Turning up the Tri-State and spreading like wildfire is none other than Don Royal! Delivering nothing but the hits, Don utilizes his life experiences to lay out his lyricism. A lover of a variety of genres like: R&B, Soul, Hip-Hop, and Reggae — Don’s versatility is showcased throughout his music. Bending and blending the sounds of all, he has developed his own distinct sound. 

The Rise Of Don Royal

Growing up the youngest of seven siblings with two sets of twins to a single mother, things weren’t always easy. But, that didn’t stop his hustle as his mother was an impeccable role model of resilience. Although Don reps Jersey to the fullest, when he was younger he spent the summers in surrounding cities like Philadelphia and New York. Where he learned the best of both worlds – from the streets to corporate. Always surrounded by creativity, Don was inspired to follow his dreams as an entertaining entrepreneur. 

Despite playing ball growing up, Don is made of music. Throughout highschool and college, he played basketball. After not making the team his freshman and sophomore years of high school. He then followed up and continued his basketball career in college. Although he was a great athlete, he bounced around a lot from schools such as ASA College Brooklyn NY, Delaware Valley University, and Monmouth University. With the transfers, his musical strings kept pulling at his heart which pushed him to pursue his passion more seriously. He began penning rhymes and recording music while also modeling for a brand called Grungygentlemen. Additionally, Don was motivated to go harder after the passing of his college roommate. As much as he admired Don as a basketball player, his friend encouraged him to write more in his spare time. Because of this, he began pursuing music more professionally in 2017. 

The Start Of Don Royal’s Journey 

Born with a desire to do music – as a child, he would freestyle all day. So much so that as a child, he would Rap battle grown men. This is where he began perfecting his craft and sparked his interest in writing music. In doing so, he penned his first record titled, “New Kids On The Block” featuring his brother Charles Jenkins alongside his other brothers as well. As a result, Don’s debut drop came as a song which was recorded over a DJ Khaled and Ace Hood track. 

Fast forward a few years later and a close friend named D.I.O returned home from Florida, and with their mutual love of music they were inspired to keep going. In 2019, Royal released his first EP, A Way Out and has been soaring and going strong ever since!

Don Royal Found A Way Out 

This trailblazing new hit-magnet’s musical style and sound is so fulfilling. When listening to the lyrics, flows, and blended styles, you’ll hear him using every tool to its full potential. His 2019 project, serves as a seven-track offering which was written in probably a little less than a week. He immediately went to So Amazing Studios with Engineer-Producer Ceds to lay out the release. 

Recently, the rising rhymer released his two-pack EP Before It’s Too Late on May 12th. Since, the project has garnered great feedback! In fact, his sizzling singles “Too Easy” & “Always Good” just took over Connecticut at the WILIN’WEDNESDAY showcase where he rocked the stage! “Before It’s Too Late” is a follow-up track to his trendy “Too Late To Sign Me”. The Jersey-native believes that every artist comes across people who they believe have the potential to position them further, faster. This thought can sometimes stun an artist until they realize they are the opportunity. Some aspiring artists fall victim into not recognizing their potential because they’re discovered by those who limit it. 

Standing strong on his skill set and destiny, Don recognized his potential as one of the greats and is here to prove it! Regardless of how long he’s been working towards his dreams, he’s not letting up. Every chapter in his musical journey is new and it is always only the beginning. 

What’s Next? 

Overall, Don Royal’s musical goal is to be known as one of the industry’s best songwriters and influences. Wanting to give fans the best understanding of who Don Royal is through timeless music he’s created. For now, keep an eye out for more releases throughout 2022! If you haven’t already, get familiar with Don Royal! Stay tuned here for more news and music on this hot new artist! Lastly, press play on his hot new hit “Before It’s Too Late” and let us know what you think! 


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Instagram | Facebook | Twitter 

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