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2TP Brings Awareness On New Single “No Trust Police”


Wooing the world all the way from the West Coast is none other than 2TP! This rising rap duo from Los Angeles, is made up of 6-4 Nasty and Reese Crenshaw. Now they’re back with their fresh new single, “No Trust Police“, featuring Big Tray Deee and Junior P. In addition to the hot new hit, the pair drop off its accompanying visual. In fact, the single is one of the many unreleased tracks featuring Hip-Hop legend Big Tray Deee.

“No Trust Police”

The trendy new track appears on their The Chronic 3000 album. It serves as the national anthem for police brutality and misconduct. Its important message is critical for police reform in the United States. Providing an auditory reminder of what our reality has turned into and where it’s going. In doing so, the new record has resonated with a wide range of fans. As a result, it is spreading as the record approaches 1 million plays on Spotify alone! Thanks to their growing fan base of at least 14K monthly listeners on average.

Although their latest offering isn’t the lead single off their new album, “No Trust Police” did exactly what it needed to! Their most recently released record follows up their trendy track, “Take Cover”. “Take Cover” is just one of many tracks Tj Norris – AKA 6-4 Nasty, who, along with Reese Crenshaw, makes up 2TP – has had the good fortune of acquiring over the past 20 years as a producer and record executive in the music industry.

The Rise Of 2TP

After rising through the ranks of West Coast musicians in the early 2000s, 2TP established themselves as the go-to producers for emerging young musicians. Over the past 15 years, they’ve worked with a slew of big names. Including Big Tray Deee, Tha Chill, Arthur Clark, and Junior P. All of whom will be featured on the upcoming new album. According to 6-4 Nasty, “Take Cover” seemed like the perfect song to kick off the album. A track to draw attention to the classic music they’ll be releasing throughout the year.

Now returning with their follow up release, the album’s second track, “No Trust Police,” keeps up the momentum! Overall, everything on this upcoming album, according to 6-4 Nasty, follows the sounds that are popular in Hip Hop today. But, in a way that pays homage to the Hip Hop of the past that laid the groundwork for artists today. 6-4 goes on to say:

“2TP, 6-4 Nasty and Reese Crenshaw are bringing the West back! Those were very nostalgic times, and those records were classics. I want this record to be remembered as a great artistic piece of work. that is sonically appealing and takes people on a journey.”

6-4 Nasty

Don’t believe me? Press play below! Lastly, stay tuned here for more music and news on 2TP!


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