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“Drinks Up” by Siiire Promotes The Significance of Celebrating Life

Siiire‘s song “Drinks Up” emphasizes the significance of appreciating achievements and cultivating thankfulness. Siiire feels that life is too short to spent time wallowing in regrets about missed chances and errors made in the past. As a result, this musician has made it his mission to elevate listeners through his songs.

“Drinks Up” is Siiire’s latest project, which he defines as “celebrating life to the maximum degree while you still can.” “I wish to shed some good insight on others, teaching them that they can accomplish everything they set their minds to and just be oneself,” he continues.

“Drinks Up” is based on the principle of appreciating every tiny victory and being grateful for every breath. While everyone is focused on shaming themselves for every blunder, no one considers praising little victories and celebrating their progress with a drink. As a result, Siiire encourages his listeners to accept their current situations and look forward to a brighter future while remaining grateful for their existence.

“I hope to shed some positive insight on others, showing them they can do anything they put their mind to and just be yourselves,” Siiire says. “Nobody else is going to say it but I will; In this industry I feel like a lot of artists feel that they need to be someone else but them in order to gain recognition, when in reality being authentic is the best thing you can be to succeed in my opinion.”

Siiire is no stranger to the music industry, as seen by songs like “Mo Bounce” and “Higher.” He also has a sizable fan following. All of his songs are designed to assist listeners get through difficult times. Siiire was able to achieve a steady position in the music field because to her amazing desire.

This artist is currently working on a number of singles and collaborations to release to the public. So yet, no release date has been set, but fans may expect new releases later this year. Siiire is dedicated to honing his skill and aims to collaborate with great musicians such as Kanye West and Dom Kennedy to further perfect his sound. Fans may listen to “Drinks Up” everywhere and check out the music video below.

Stay in the know with what else Siiire has planned for the summer, as he’s an artist you’ll definitely want to keep on your radar.

“Looking to build my buzz up over this next year, so y’all will be getting a lot of singles from me throughout the next couple of months,” Siire continued in a recent interview. “I got some good features on them too, so I’m excited to share these records. One of the singles I plan on dropping next is one featuring Airplane James from LA.”

Watch “Drinks Up” below.


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