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Belaire Biajee Working On New Pop Single

Pop artist Belaire Biajee is a rising star in South Florida , standing out for his unique flare incorporating pop elements into his inspirational freestyle. Always used to putting on instrumentals and free styling, Belaire Biajee fell in love with his craft. Inspired by his older sister who introduced him to free styling, Biajee wanted to be right behind her so they could shine together. Biajee has introduced his music across the South Florida community by having hosted and performed at multiple house and mansion parties and multiple venues including bars and local clubs. 

Influenced by Juice WRLD, XXXTENTACION, Lil Peep and Speaker Knockerz, Biajee isn’t just inspired by their sound but also each artist’s journey. The artist’s life journey is what inspires Biajee to become the influencer he is today and make relatable music for his listeners.  Biajee has collaborated with artists including Lil Wayne, Tory Lanez, Zoey Dollaz, and numerous artists like himself. 

When asked about what influenced him to pursue a music career, Biajee answered:

“My older sister influenced it a lot. I saw her really into it and I wanted to be right behind so we can shine together. And also watching and listening to Juice WRLD and his journey up until his death also has inspired me to become an influencer and make music people can relate to.”

Key West Florida’s trendsetter Belaire is in seventh gear. The clinical rapper applies pressure blessing fans with a new hedonistic track, “Rolling Loud” feat. Pilly Mae. The release comes just after the success of his previous single “Whole Lotta” feat. Tory Lanez.

As far as what he’s done in the past, Belaire Biajee has some successful track records.

King of Miami —Belaire Biajee — unleashed two new successive records “Rolling Loud” featuring Pilly, and “Whole Lotta” with the platinum-selling artist, Tory Lanez.

On “Whole Lotta,” Belaire is self-conscious and unapologetic in tone as he soars through vindictively through the cunning instrumental. He wades in between the vice life of success, money, power, and a sense of being on top of the world. Fans can look forward to feeling imperious and untouchable with this.

Biajee makes music every listener can relate to whether the song features stories of love or everyday life. Through his music, Biajee aims for his audience to feel love, acceptance and support when going through difficult situations in life. His last release featuring Tory Lanez, did over 1 million streams. Biajee showcases the theme that anything is possible by understanding your capabilities. Biajee is now preparing for his next release of his music video and single titled “TOP DOWN”.  His new release is scheduled to be released May 20th, 2022. His next single will start the new Biajee sound. Stay Tuned.


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