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Music Video Spotlight – Bhu$$: “Composure”

“Music is about building genuine relationships to me and keeping them strong. People change [and] some stay the same.”

That’s what it’s all about for Bhu$$, a Compton-based rapper with his eyes set on more. Not only for his sound, but for his success in the business. Don’t let the rapper title fool you, Bhu$$ wants be the player and the coach in rap. Forward thinking, he sees himself one day owning a label and putting his own tours/shows together. It’s an idea that he began to create for himself once serious started to consider doing it professionally. His upbringings gravitated to him to music early on, being in the choir for a number of years growing up. But it wasn’t until his sophomore year in college that had his mind set on it. 

“My upbringing definitely shaped me to be who I am and it definitely shaped my sound,” Bhu$$ says. “I only speak on things that go on around me and sometimes I may even get too personal. I’ve seen a lot of crazy things living in Compton my whole life and I’ve witnessed a lot of failed relationships. I talk about it all in a lot of my music. Especially the music that isn’t dropped.”

His sound’s self-described as “melodic rap”, which enables him to really helps listeners feel his thoughts, instead of just hearing them. Combined with his good ear for sounds, the autotune he adds gives his songs a nice texture that brings it all together. It really pops out on songs like his latest single  “Composure”, a reflective groovy track as he pledges to maintain his focus. The emotional sample flip enables Bhu$$ to express his love for the grind, which is exactly how he got his moniker.

“My friends gave it to me. Ive always had a certain friend in me and that made them [want to] nickname it.”

The “Coupe” spitter is coming even harder on his forthcoming project “Huss and Friends 2”, a project that’s a testament to how much he’s grown as an artist. “This second project shows the progression within my sound and how it has evolved me and my peers around me”. Fans will also soon get the chance to see him perform live at this year’s Juneteenth Festival in LA.

“One reason I’m passionate about music would probably be my mom,” he says. “She used to run the choirs in church and music actually runs in my family like a lot. Also, I’ve seen so many artists that are my favorite, become able to provide for their family and I think that’s another thing that inspires me. Pursuing what I love and I’m hoping that leads me to be able to take care of my family while doing it.”


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