Monday, September 25, 2023
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Rising Star AyeCee Discusses Latest EP ‘Badd Choices, Good Stories’

AyeCee, an up-and-coming rapper, has arrived on the scene and is putting on a show for Harlem. The New York native releases Bad Choices, Good Decisions, an eight-track EP that serves as the perfect introduction to his burgeoning rap career.

“This project is about establishing myself as an artist, adjusting to new hip hop sounds, and being loyal to and trusting myself as an artist,” says the artist.

In his new EP, Bads Choices, Good Stories, AyeCee makes a point. A strong project that demonstrates Ayecee’s versatility: From silky R&B ballads like “Pull Up” with Nyasia Chane’ to NYC-Drill inspired tracks like “Birdie,” which has over 80,000 views on Youtube, to NYC-Drill inspired tunes like “Birdie.” AyeCee, a former basketball player turned rapper, proves that he is an MVP both on and off the court by crafting an EP that appeals to all listeners.

“I assumed I’d focus on my other love once I finished college and my ambitions of playing professional basketball didn’t pan out,” AyeCee explains. “This project was inspired by my decision to pursue music seriously and demonstrate that I am capable of putting together a diverse and unique project.”

The new EP follows AyeCee’s current journey in life while also remembering where it all began. “You have to move in a specific way if you’re from Harlem or New York in general. Because New York is so fast-paced, you’ll need to think, react, and modify quickly. That’s reflected in my voice.”

AyeCee has a lot of potential to be the next big thing out of New York City. His ability to flow seamlessly over whatever rhythm given to him is evident, as is his confident demeanor, which shows through on every track. Fivio Foreign, Cassidy, Drake, Kanye West, Tupac Shakur, and Lil Wayne are among the musicians AyeCee draws inspiration from. There’s a lot of space for AyeCee to produce original songs as he makes his imprint in the music business, reimagined with his flare.

“My objective is to demonstrate fans and artists that you can take something that’s already hot and make it more hotter.” You may carve your own path with time and effort. I also want to inspire and encourage everybody I can to pursue their aspirations and be themselves.”

As AyeCee prepares for his forthcoming projects, be sure to check out his latest EP Bad Choices, Good Stories, which is available now on all platforms!

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