Wednesday, November 29, 2023
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New Video: Capella Grey ft. Nija – Confujawn

Capella Grey shares his most recent video, “Confujawn” featuring Nija. For the past few months, he has been playing snippets of it on his Instagram Live and the fans have been patiently waiting for this release. He is known to be creatively strategic on how and when he drops his groundbreaking records. Grey is slowly but surely bringing back that old soul R&B vibe with each song. His soothing yet confident voice reminds us every time we are entering a new decade. He makes music you can vibe out to with the elderly, something the game has been missing.

Working with the well-known and respected songwriter, Nija was simply a genius move. The dynamic between these two singers set the tone for 2022. This record is undeniably a timeless hit. A song you can play for the next decade or two. 

Just like his first hit record, “Gyalis,” Grey knows exactly what he is doing with his platform. After releasing his second hit record, “Talk Nice” which has received over 1 Million+ streams, Grey continues to remind us he is here to stay. His confident swag is seen in his videos and heard throughout his music. Something that has become contagious and motivational for many. In “Confujawn” he makes it clear that he does not want to cause any confusion, so it is best to be upfront and honest in the beginning. Grey likes a confident and transparent woman, who is direct about what she wants with him. 

Like if you want me/ let me know/

If the feelings mutual/ I want you bad but I can’t do no confusion/“ 

Nija explains how she was to be cautious and remain guarded to protect her feelings because doesn’t want to look or feel stupid. 

You gotta let me know/ because I refuse to let a n*gga have me out here looking stupid/ only n*gga who can stab me in my back is Cupid/ When you look like that I know you got some loose ends/ I know you a nuisance stop with the allusions/  said that she suffering, that’s not a girl you cool with/ How could you blame me for playin it safe?/ acting like you feel a way/ on that’s nonsense/ you know I gotta take precaution/ Baby you know my body/ if you do not like me being honest/ I’m not the one you should call your girl”

In the opening scene, both singers share a tension-filled scene in the club, where Grey is telling Nija to forget about the guy she is with and come vibe with him. Nija reminds him that she knows he is a Gyalis so he should do him, while she does her. As the video unfolds we can see how not being upfront can cause some confusion. 

Watch “Confujawn” here!


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