Saturday, September 30, 2023
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Jacques Laine Proves He’s One To Watch With New Track “Piano Riff”

Jacques Laine has just released his brand new track, “Piano Riff,” and it is without a doubt one of the smoothest and most lyrical rap tunes to emerge from a young artist, as seen by his opening verse. The beat turns into a head-thumping production as Jacques Laine delivers breakthrough bars, which starts “Piano Riff” off with a calming piano ballad. As he leverages his mature tone, steeped in his Newburgh, NY heritage, to produce refreshing music that is unlike anything popular, this artist’s genuineness and self-awareness are on display. Jacques Laine should be in your playlist if you’re looking for a musician with substance.

“The biggest thing that inspired me to dedicate myself to a music career were my friends and family,” Laine explained. “It’s a way to use my talent to impact the people around me and hopefully one day change their lives. Even if I don’t change them directly, hopefully I can get someone through a situation or a rough patch with my music. That’s how I define success in my eyes.”

Jacques Laine is a prodigy who is reaching his full potential right in front of everyone’s eyes. From the beat to the song’s overall message, “Piano Riff” manages to blend many elements of hard-core rap with exquisite story-telling, creating a dark yet mysterious tone.

Jacques Laine’s authenticity shines through in every track he touches, resulting in dynamic and global soundscapes with lyrics that linger after each listen. As a recent graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, this artist has the right blend of street smarts and book smarts. Since starting his music career seriously after graduating, Jacques has already achieved sold-out gigs and a growing fan base around the country. With Nas, Jay-Z, Biggie, Kanye, Andre 3000, and J. Cole as inspirations, it’s no surprise he’s a genuine poet with creative ideas and rhythms that transport you to another universe. His entire discography is deserving of praise.

As far as what message he wants audiences to take away from his music, Laine says that he ultimately wants to be able to share his experiences and help others through their experiences.

“Life is fun when you create the space to be yourself and experience growth,” he said. “A lot of times the music I make is a reflection of a place in life I was at previously but was able to get past.”

Jacques Laine’s new track “Piano Riff” is out now on all platforms.

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