Thursday, March 30, 2023
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M3LO Capone Is Here To Remind Everyone “The Grind Don’t Stop”

M3LO Capone is an upcoming artist from Chicago, Illinois who turns his pain into passion. He says that growing up on the Southside of Chicago was rough and challenging at times and this is what made him into the man he is today. The hard times is what forced everyone around him to take life serious and be competitive. Wasting time is not an option for him and he refuses to so and does not take anything for granted. With music being one of his many passions, it also plays a therapeutic role in his life. M3LO would describe his style to be unique and melodic while he rides the beat in his own way.  M3LO Capone additionally expresses that his music gives people a step into his crazy life and hopefully motivates them to better theirs, that it is always that next level.

What makes M3LO Capone stand out from any other independent emerging artist is his versatility. He mentions that he has many unique sounds that go with many different beats, and he uses them depending on the vibe or tone of the beat being used. Despite these sounds being distinguishable from what’s around now but people seem to love their uniqueness. 

When asked what message he would like to leave to his fans, M3LO Capone responded, “I want everyone to know you should never stop grinding for something that you want to achieve or get done in life. It’s always that next level to something in your life whether it is big or small. Whether it be a promotion in your workplace or just a step in becoming a better person to society in life. Never waste any time with progression towards anything you’re chasing or moving towards in life. Everyone has a timer, and we never know when that timer will ring, and our time will be up. Always chase things that has a positive impact on your mental state, this keeps you motivated moving towards your goals.”

Many major things are in store as M3LO Capone is gearing up to release his newest a mixtape titled “All Gas No Breaks.” The project is set to release after he drops a few more visuals and grows his fan base a little bit more. In the meantime, you can tap in and listen to his latest track “Versatile” available now on all streaming services and be sure to follow him on social media @M3locapone


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