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Papi Versace of New Jersey is working on a follow-up to his 2020 EP ‘Visions’

After an apparently quiet 2021 in the music world, the flashy “Commitments” master is back this year, but news of his project heralds a new era for the Atlantic City purveyor.

We’re pleased because R&B Hip Hop pioneer Papi Versace has revealed the follow-up to his excellent 2020 debut Visions.

Following the release of the first track, “Commitment,” to herald in the energy he will be channeling for this new season of his work, showman Papi Versace is pleased to finally let the cat out of the bag: Visions II is expected to arrive in late March.

“I want people to see who I am as an artist through my next album,” he said. “My first album was just to prove I could do it, but this second project is full of emotion and grit.”

“Commitment” is a track that stands out in Papi Versace’s catalogue. He’s an artist who can experiment with new sounds and styles and deliver an exceptional version of it in his own way. His diverse sound paves him as an artist who is creating his own lane and has no plans to stop any time soon.

“It’s an R&B record that it is honestly one of my own favorite songs,” Papi Versace explains about the new track. “I wanted to do something different instead of a typical club or twerk song so I decided to do a slow record and ‘Commitment’ was the result.”

Papi Versace, who has faced difficulties in the past — he used to offer pest treatment to people’s homes in Houston, Texas — has since grown in stature and popularity to become a public personality who dabbles in fashion, modeling, photography, and music. He admits that music is his first passion, and it’s expected that he’ll be exploring topics of relationships, achievement, and the challenges he’s faced along the way to the pinnacle he recognizes he’s reached.

“This project is mainly about coming to fruition as an artist who’s struggling to maintain personal relationships, which is something I feel that all successful artists go through at some point in their careers,” he explains

Meanwhile, the ecstatic artist and all-around talent has said that he is finally ready to take his profession seriously, with thoughts of becoming a landmark act in the music business never feeling so close, and placing his boyhood goals front and center among his greatest desires.

“Honestly, what inspired me to dedicate myself entirely was the feeling of the vision of having influence over the masses because I want to put that to greater use later in life but I feel like music is the best outlet you can use to truly speak your truth” he spoke honestly.

Make sure to be on the lookout for his upcoming project ‘Visions II’ and in the meantime listen to “Commitment,” below.


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