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New Music: Gusto – “Frozen Heart” Ft. Zayzayy

Gus Edwards originally gained notoriety as a professional athlete, notably as a running back for the Baltimore Ravens. Aside from being a brilliant football player, the young guy possesses a wide range of skills and abilities. He’s been pursuing another of his loves, music, for the past few years. Now, pursuing his music career and going by Gusto, he’s back with his latest release “Frozen Heart,” Ft. Zayzayy, that audiences are sure to love.

He is making waves in the hip-hop world as an artist with his excellent tunes and singles. Some may have been surprised by his decision to pursue a music career, but music has always held a particular place in his heart.

Furthermore, he believes that music is healing. It is used by the creative person as a means of expressing himself and connecting with others. As a result, he was even more driven to get started in the business.

As he insightfully shared, “I’ve always known I wanted to pursue a music career, but l didn’t always have the time to focus on that aspect of my life. When the pandemic started and the whole world was forced to stop their usual routines, I took the opportunity to spend time getting back into my music.”

He has since recorded numerous popular songs under the moniker Gusto, including “No Average,” “Pray For Me,” “New Drop,” and “Mona Lisa.” His life experiences and lessons have formed and inspired these great melodies. This also helps the musician to form a strong bond with his audience.

In addition, he just released “Frozen Heart,” a collaboration with Zayzayy that will appear on the duo’s future album. “The song is about how diverse life events can make your heart become cold: betrayal, losing love, death, all the things we go through that may transform us in ways for the worst,” the gifted individual explained of the track’s significance.

The song not only demonstrates his amazing songwriting abilities, but it also demonstrates his progress as an artist. “I hope my audience can recognize my evolution as an artist in this song and have a song to relate to,” he said hopefully.

Despite the fact that it was just released a few days ago, “Frozen Heart” has already wowed fans and listeners. Many people have given the song’s official video on YouTube favorable ratings and comments.

The admiration and support that the extraordinary young guy receives are overwhelming, and he uses it as fuel to continue writing relevant songs. “Watching the support I get from individuals who enjoy my music, and seeing their reactions to how they feel when they play my songs have been my happiest experiences so far,” he proudly remarked. Those sensations are invaluable.”

Gusto has established himself as one of the most promising hip-hop musicians in a short period of time by demonstrating his talent as a musician. He intends to build on his accomplishments in the future. Fans and music fans should keep an eye out for him since he has a lot of interesting ideas in the works for the future.


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