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Getting to know musical talent Sonali Nandwani

Whats your artist name and where are you from?

MY GOLD JOURNEY/ my name is sonali which means gold in hindu.

Where are you from?
-born and raised in panama (latin america)
-ethnicity: hindu
-i am from Atlanta, GA

What makes me different as an artist?
-the balance between an artist, entrepreneur, and creator. but most importantly is my 3 square of work ethic, mentality and attitude. i believe in the process and so many people focus so much on results which is truly important and having short term, mid and long term visions and gold but enjoying the process its what defines your success and proud end result which ever way. authenticity is so important and that is build on the processes’ foundation day in and out. 

accomplish in 5 years?
-financial freedom
-travel more the world 
-have 8 sources of income by the age of 30 (which incorporates more affiliate marketing and philanthrophy) right now i have 4 in the jewelry business, fashion business, corporate, and artist/digital business.

Remembered by:
-I want to be remembered by the person that no matter what kept it real, brings value to not only the audience targeted to my industry but overall making a place a more authentic and self sufficient one by the efforts and actions taken. My gold journey comes from gold as my name means gold but also remember that gold never vanishes no matter the situations they go thru, they are authentic and pure which is why their worth and value is shown by their essense and so is their work. my work and who i am is inspired by real life experiences, opportunities and people. 


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