Thursday, September 28, 2023
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Getting to know music artist RaveOnRa

Tell us about you:

Hey! I go by RaveOnRa I was born In Tallahassee Florida and I grew up in Missouri. I love music because music saved my life. Music brought my family together brought my peers together, I feel it brings everyone together in a way. You listen to music everyday, which is something most people do but it’s deeper than that for me I can see the music in your heartbeat, when you breath, the birds chirping it’s all music and it all brings me joy. I feel like I’m life you should chance your dreams and do what makes you happy. There is nothing like that feeling of expressing yourself so well that you feel higher than any drug can take you, and that’s the feeling of relief a artist can get by releasing something on a track. What makes me different as an artist is that I come purely from the heart, and I try to speak on topics that me or my peers have been through to one get what I need off my chest but also help other people get that feeling of loneliness away. In 5 years I see myself owning a record label purely made for benefit of artists no matter what artistic ability you have. I see myself financially free with at least 10 streams of passive income and a lifestyle that helps people better their lives but also live comfortably with my friends and family. I think I bring another genuine artist that wants to spread love and speak on real topics that some people may not be ready for. I have a voice with my music and I’m ready for the world to hear it. I want to be remembered by, I want to be known for making a change in the world not just with my music but with my other plans of just genuinely working with people to get them successful in whatever they want to do. Let them know that everything is possible. You have control over two things in this life your attitude and your effort. Your attitude dictates your reality and your effort makes it possible.


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