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Getting to know music artist Solo Ronnie

Artist name and where are you from?
I go by the name Solo Ronnie out of a small town in Alabama called Tuscaloosa.

Why do you love music?
I love to do music because I use it as an outlet to vent about things I may not be able to express through conversation with others. No matter what you are going through everyone has a song that they love to listen to to get by no matter if they are mad sad or happy. Music is also one of my first loves I always visioned myself on stage performing in front of large crowds of people who love my music as much as I do.

What makes me different from a music artist?
I feel what makes me different as a music artist is I’m very versatile very authentic and passionate about my music. I’m my own biggest critic it takes a lot to give myself the ok to put out a song. I also record mix, and master every song myself. I’m always locked in very hard working and always looking for ways to better my craft. Another thing I feel that makes me different is I feel I have yet to discover my best self when it comes to making music I feel the sky is the limit with me and have plenty of room to grow from here on out once I get the chance to show the world how great I could be they would love it. I’m always willing to listen and learn more ways I could become better in my craft.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
In 5 years I see myself as a millionaire one of the biggest most influential artists in the game. I would have plenty of songs on the top 100 hits and labeled a multi-platinum award-winning artist. Traveling around the world for sold-out paid shows and sitting at the Bet awards with some of the people in the music industry I look up to.

What do you want to accomplish in life?
What I hope to accomplish is starting my label bring in young and upcoming artists giving them chance I may not have had especially out of my city. I hope to become a millionaire so I could take care of my family especially my mom and pops so they could live stress-free. What I mostly wish to accomplish is to become someone my kids and wife would be proud of.
What do you bring to the music world?
I feel I bring a lot to the music world such as authenticity and verticality. I’m always willing to listen and learn from others and try to figure out ways to better myself. I bring passion and dedication. I feel I have my style and flow a not looking to copy others. I write and produce all of my music.

What do you wanna be remembered by?
I wanna be remembered for someone who made a big impact on their community and people’s lives who are from small communities such as mine and giving back. Also, I would wanna be remembered as the first one shining a light on a small city out of Alabama which is Tuscaloosa opening doors for a lot of talented people from here who may not have the exposure or opportunity to get heard. I wanna be remembered for the one who allowed the people who would get overlooked on any other given day and i know it may sound Cliché but I would love to be remembered as the best to ever do it


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