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Getting to know music artist Michael Q

Tell us about you:

My artist name is Michael Q and I’m from Fort Lauderdale FL. Why do I love music? Music can take me back to moments/feelings and certain aspects of my life that I would never get to experience again. Music is like the photos u take to reminisce or to create new memories,I also love expressing myself through music rather if it’s happy,sad or angry and frustration. Music also connects other people that feels the same emotions I’m feeling or going through the same stuff I’m going through. Music is universal!

Where do I see myself in five years?

I see myself in the music industry rather if I’m an artist/producer or engineer. I see myself performing on the stage in front of thousands. I see myself owning businesses putting other hard working people on like myself. I see myself being Financially free to take care of family.

What do I bring to the music world? 
Versatility, honesty new flavor more passion. Realness new flows. New content different energy! I’m not the most lyrical guy and I’m not tryin to be but everything is coming from the heart. Word play different Melodies! My impact in the game is going to be different

What do I want to be remembered by? 
The creative genius that never like attention and fame. The guy that works behind the scenes but pop out every now and then. The guy that shares the star power with other people that’s on the same mission. Humble individual that takes care of his love ones. A role model for these upcoming kids. Being basically the uncle in the game.


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