Thursday, September 28, 2023
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Getting to know music artist Fatz

Tell us about you:

My Artist name is Fatz and I’m from Minneapolis, MN.

I love music because it brings people together. Music tells a story, it acts as therapist and energizer at times.

What makes me different is I’m able to cater to multiple crowds I don’t like to tie myself to one genre. I got a few different sounds in my catalog

I’m 5 years I see myself making at least my first million dollars, owning multiple businesses, and selling millions of records.

I want to be able to leave a legacy that the ones under me can live from. I never had male role models so I want to end being a great role model for my young.

I bring my own unique story, energy, truth, real rap that has since been watered down by most artist

I want to be remembered by my determination and authenticity.


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