Monday, March 20, 2023
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Bae Bae Shares New Song “Braggadocious”

Bae Bae is a 19 year old rapper/singer producer, songwriter and clothing designer from California. He just released his new song “Braggadocious,” which is an upbeat fast-paced anthem that showcases his rhythm and ability to flow. As far as talent goes, he’s definitely up next and audiences can expect a lot more on the way from him.

“Dramatic would be the first thing that comes to mind if I were to describe myself, music wise and personality wise,” Bae Bae said in a recent interview.”

The talented artist also discussed his early beginnings from when he first got started with making music. He said that he used his MacBook and utilized applications such as logic pro to make music from his bedroom.

“Knowing I wouldn’t be able to afford college, pushed me to pursue the industry,” Bae Bae said. “Watching a lot of interviews of my inspirations and how they started, really gave me dat hope that i know i could do it. You know if you can’t level up in life through the system that’s built, might as well make your own.”

As far as goals that he has for the future for himself, Bae Bae says that he wants to collaborate with everyone, in addition to producing, writing, or doing features.

“Whatever it may be, I just wanna collaborate,” he continued. “Dr. Dre stressed that all of his work was a collaboration, there’s a lot of beauty when more than one soul, works on a musical piece, and I think if the industry started being more open to pushing boundaries with their collaborations the fans will love it.”

One thing that Bae Bae remains humbly proud of, is his skill and ability to be himself.

“Skills wise I think being me is my number one skill,” Bae Bae elaborates. “Not worrying about how it should be done, a lot of people think replication is the best form of consumption, but I don’t think that’s the case. Being able to take criticism and tweak my faults within my music whether it be on that track or the next one, and being creative definitely helps me stand out.”

Bae Bae’s new single “Braggadocious” is just the beginning. Fans should be on the lookout for what he has coming next, because he’s here to take over. In the meantime, stream the new single and keep up with all things Bae Bae.

“Be yo self. Never switch out genuineness for money or a brand deal, or anything of that nature. Money isn’t the key to the world, but the way you get yo money could be the key to it.”


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